Friday Favorites – We’re All Artists!

For this week’s Friday Favorites, I have a special little quotation for you!

I often think of this when I’ve made something that didn’t turn out as well as I hoped it would. The words are encouraging and remind me to try again, instead of saying: “I’m just not good at this.” 🙂


Isn’t that the truth!!! As children, we are sure that our “art” is wonderful. We have that total sense of confidence. So I figure if I was an “artist” once – it’s still in there. All I have to do is keep trying!

Enjoy this last weekend of summer! Meet ya back here on Monday for a new giveaway and new questions!!! 😀



Friday Favorites – We’re All Artists! — 2 Comments

  1. Good for you! I however, went all through grade school with a TRUE artist, Sheila Lachmund. I often wonder what she is doing now. I remember VERY vividly the fifth grade art class. We went to a parochiol school and it was VERY big on art. Art history and creative art. When we were assigned to draw a tree, mine was the typical trunk with bubble limbs top. However, Sheila drew a masterpiece much like you would see that guy on TV on PBS paint. I never got over it. However, I came into my own in 10th grade when, OMG, I took a Home Ec sewing class. I was in heaven!

  2. Hi Sweet Crystal! I loved what you said about how we all thought we were artists when we were little. That’s so true! Some things should never change! I’m printing that quote to hang over my work table! Hugs, Paulette 😉

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