You’re Invited . . .


Remember the wedding I mentioned last week?

Well, the photos are in, and you are cordially invited to the marriage of my sweet nephew and his beautiful new bride.

The Happily Ever After begins . . .


The ceremony was lovely.


Even though Tropical Storm “Danny” sent a generous dose of wind and rain to the east coast that weekend, he was not able to dampen spirits. I present the following photo as evidence.

The Groom with his Sisters


The Parents pose with the Wedding Party


The reception was a joyous fun-filled celebration, where the soft glow of lanterns set a romantic mood . . .

We Are Family . . .


There were flowers everywhere and they were absolutely breath-taking. I wish I had taken more pictures of them, especially the huge arrangement in the hallway! It was amazing.


For your dining pleasure . . .


The new “Mr. and Mrs.” glided across the dance floor and somehow inspired the most dancing by guests that I’ve ever seen at a wedding – or at any large gathering for that matter! It was heart-warming to see all ages and generations dancing continuously. Why even Sir Beads and Lady Crystal shook a tail feather or two! 😉

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?


In the wee hours of the morning, the bride and groom were off on their honeymoon trip. Both are doctors and would need to be back at the hospital on Labor Day!

Leaving on a jet plane . . .


All in all, it was a weekend our entire family will always cherish. We spent quality time together, we realized how lucky we are, and we truly appreciated this special opportunity to shower our love on both the new couple and each other. 😀

May there be a wedding in your future!!



You’re Invited . . . — 6 Comments

  1. Nice pics. Nice couple

    Where is the good stuff?

    No group dance of the thriller or some other pop da-doo? Where are the pics that could be sent to funniest home videos? No one fell off a table or dragged the toilet paper in their britches to the dance floor? Or like my neices wedding when her sister went to throw plates in the trash and fell into it? Come on, where is the good stuff?

  2. OMG Carol is just hysterical!!! Even though there wasn’t anyone with a toilet paper tail (and thank goodness for that!) the wedding looked so beautiful! The bride and groom make a beautiful couple, gosh, I loved her dress! I loved your niece’s dresses too! The flowers were soooo pretty, the colors, gorgeous! Everything was beautiful Crystal. Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Paulette :o)

  3. How lovely… Hm, I’m fond of weddings’ photos! By the way, yours are so cute…! Thanks a lot for sharing those happy moments with us 😉

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