Window Shopping

Hey Kids! It’s been a while since we went shopping together. So c’mon! Let’s take a peek at a few goodies that are currently available on etsy.

Ready? 🙂 Here we go . . .

Need a gift for someone allergic to flowers?


This could be the answer. A unique and tiny crocheted ”tweed” basket stands about 4.5″ tall. It’s made with a plastic cup, weighted for balance, and arranged with crocheted violets in light purple and medium purple with beaded centers. From etsy artist, crochetbouquet

How about new home decor for Autumn?


Here’s a pretty Pumpkin and Leaf Candle Mat to show off a special vase or candle. It measures approximately 8″ x 15″, and is made of wool/rayon blended felt with 100% cotton backing. Machine appliquéd with a pumpkin leaf motif. Accented with wooden buttons and beads that actually look like nuts. From etsy artist, byEmilie11.

Talk about cute!


Here’s a darling little fuchsia macramé Cell Phone Bag.
Sweet and colorful with a long carrying strap. Hang from your shoulder or throw it over your head. Perfect for adults, big girls and little girls. Purse measures 5 1/2″ H, 5 1/2″ L and 1″ W. Strap measures 46″. Large enough for cell or iPod and other small items. From etsy artist, JustKnots.

I can never resist the pottery. Just look at this beauty!


The “Ice Cylinder Vase” is hand painted in ice blue and ivory. Hand etched with a black eyed susan and a graphic rectangle. Absolutely stunning! From etsy artist, oneblackbird.

Well, I’m out of money after all those purchases.

Just kidding!!! We were only window shopping . . .

at least for now! 😉

Thanks for your company. Let’s do it again soon, ok? 😀



Window Shopping — 5 Comments

  1. I think that would be really cool to have those flowers, they are amazing. Ha ha ha…not real but really beautiful. Oh I really like your jewerly, they are cute and not bulky, I love it when earings are light and unique. Keep up the good work…

  2. i also love pottery. i even enrollesd in a summer workshop just to know the basics in ceramics… i suggest you do the same too if you’re really fond of this…

    craftsmanship is really important! 🙂

  3. the flower basket and the vase are so adorable!
    waiting for another window shopping spree soon!

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