You asked; I listened!

pansiesvase1For one of the “giveaway” questions this week, I asked for topics that you would like me to write about here on the blog.

I’m thrilled with all of the responses – so many great suggestions! Thank you! Keep ‘em coming. 🙂

You’ll definitely be seeing your topics sprinkled in with my regular posts.

Today, I’ll begin with Elsie’s suggestion . . .

She writes:

“I’d love to hear about YOUR answers to the questions you ask…these are fun questions, by the way!”

Thanks, Elsie! Believe it or not, it has occurred to me that readers might like to hear my answers to the weekly questions. I’ve hesitated though, because I didn’t want to set the tone for how to answer the questions. Actually though, now that I think about it, whoever comments first could be setting the tone anyway, so I might as well jump in, too! Here goes . . .

If you were stranded alone on a desert island what 5 items would you want to have with you?


1. My husband – “Sir Beads a Lot” 😉
(By the way, he doesn’t actually “bead”, but he is surrounded by beads – those we sell and those I am constantly working with to create jewelry! He’s involved in the sorting, shipping, and many times in the photography of beads!

2. A tent made of mosquito netting.
What can I say? Bugs just love me, and I’d like to be sure I can get a little sleep! (I’m one of those people who always seems to have a bite if there’s a mosquito around.)

3. A BIG box full of books.
If I had to, I could live without a computer, TV, phone, crafting supplies (waaaaaah! crying very loudly, now!) as long as I had lots to read!

4. Matches
For cooking, warmth, and romantic evenings!

5. A tool kit
So that we could build a shelter and eventually – a boat! 🙂



You asked; I listened! — 3 Comments

  1. Good suggestion! I have often wondered how you would answer these same questions. Bugs love you cause you’re so sweet. They love me too, but because I bath in Taboo.

  2. AWK! Mosquitoes…..they love me too! My dh can sit there with not a mosquito on him, while I am enveloped in clouds of them!!!

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