Born to Shop

Did you inherit the shopping gene? I did and I’ve passed it on to my daughters. We love a good bargain . . . but mostly we just love to shop!

Today, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite places for online shopping. I’d be delighted if you’d share yours as well!

(Maybe next week, we can talk about our favorite stores to visit in person!)

OK then, I’ll start! 🙂
(Add yours to the comments below and don’t worry if we have duplicates. It will be fun to see what’s popular!)

Some of my favorite online shopping sites:

Although they also have local stores, I love to shop on their website and send chocolate gifts to friends and family. It’s a luxury that most of my recipients would never buy for themselves and so they are especially delighted to receive it. I end up spending about the same as I would to give them a “dust collector” that they really don’t need! In addition to chocolates, I often send Godiva’s to-die-for cookies and cocoa, too! Orders are always carefully packed to arrive in great condition.

Stonewall Kitchen
Fabulous specialty foods, condiments, jams, syrups, and gifts for home and garden. They carry a full line of the Barefoot Contessa’s products, too.

Everyone’s favorite website for books, music, and video. I will often “shop” for books and DVDs at local stores – and then buy them from amazon because their prices are usually much less!

Vermont Country Store
They call themselves “Purveyors of the Practical & Hard-to-Find” and they sure are. From kitchen gadgets to household helpers, to summer-weight bedspreads, to brand names from the past, it’s a fun place to browse.

For an amazing selection of beautiful handmade gifts, you can’t beat the artists on etsy.

Your turn! 🙂



Born to Shop — 9 Comments

  1. Huh. Did I INHERIT the born to shop gene? I thought I INVENTED it!

    I don’t shop a lot on line. I love Etsy and have bought beads several times. There are many unique artisans on Etsy.

    Amazon? of course. BUT, so far I have only bought books and then I look at the list of used books available and if the price is right, I buy them directly from the seller because many times you can use Paypal. Did I mention that I love Paypal?

    Then of course, since my husband is a handyman, if he needs a repair part we usually check the web AND Ebay.

    I am not a huge Ebay fan, but I have bought some items there, but mostly beads.

    How many times did I mention that I buy beads? Since I don’t have a lot of beading time right now, I feel like a Collector of Beads.

  2. Godiva, Amazon, and Etsy – some of my faves! I spend way too much time perusing Etsy… I think I’ve got several hundred thousand dollars worth of items in my favorites, because I want them all!

    To this list I would add Borders (even if I can get everything from Amazon), New York & Company/Ann Taylor Loft, and my neighborhood yogurt place – Yogiberry. Delish. Oh, and Best Buy. Electronics freak! Plus, if you know what you’re looking for, you’re pretty ok buying there and getting a decent price.

  3. I just discovered Etsy and love it, I’m waiting for my first purchase to arrive any day now. I also like Kohls with the 30% off codes and Lakeside Collection.

    Before I shop online I always check and look for coupon codes, it’s amazing how much you can save when others help out and post codes for free shipping, % off etc.

  4. I don’t do much online shopping, but definately like browsing Etsy and Amazon.

  5. Amazon is great, they have the best product reviews on practically everything. I’ve also been an etsy fan for quite some time.

  6. I only discovered Etsy last year and love the idea of a place for all things handmade! I am a big fan of online shopping! I used to love shopping when my kids were at home but somehow I end up mostly window shopping these days. I’m in the pare-down stage of my life and am trying not to bring more “stuff” home! However, my daughter accuses me of being out of style and tries her best to update my wardrobe on a periodic basis! Oh yeah, and I do have a weakness for scrapbooking and stamping supplies….do those count?!

  7. I wasn’t born to shop, but once I started, there was no return. My horizon is makeup though 🙂

  8. I love shopping, no matter what I am shopping for! I like to shop at and kmart and target for their clearance options, gotta love a bargain!!!!

  9. My mom and sister are the shopoholics in my family. They are constantly buying shoes! I love shopping for trinkets and cute things in little gift shops! Thank you for your suggestions. I have to check out those stores…Doesn’t everything The Barefoot Contessa makes, look sooooo delicious! 😉 Hugs, Paulette

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