Monday Night Fever

I hate to admit it but . . .

We’re absolutely hooked on Dancing with the Stars.



And I mean “we can’t miss an episode” – hooked. It’s funny because we really don’t watch any of the other reality shows. Well, ok, we did watch the first couple of seasons of Survivor way back when, but since then, nothing has held our attention – until Dancing with the Stars came along.

This show has it all! There’s glamour, humor, romance, intrigue, suspense, and of course – dancing! Sometimes we wish that the season were shorter, because we know we’ll be glued to the TV every Monday (and Tuesday) night until a winner is chosen.


It’s so much fun to get to know the professional dancers and to cheer for their celebrity partners! We even like the judges – each one of them has a totally unique personality.


I guess I sound like a commercial for the show, but if you haven’t watched it, give it a try! You might love it, too.

If you’re already a fan . . . Who’s going to win this time? 😉



Monday Night Fever — 9 Comments

  1. We have watched a few sporatic years. Mostly if someone was on we liked. There is a lot of talent there, and we are perhaps showing our age to enjoy watching dancing! But, we also watch a show on MTV, Dance Team Competition, and thoroughly enjoy it also. And I was hooked on that competition choosing the new lead singer for INSX. Somehow though, I think these shows are a little rigged. They always have a ringer couple…Cloris Leachman?…George Hamilton? that go way farther than they should.

  2. OH YEAH!! I got hooked on Dancing with the Stars when I spent a week visiting my elderly mother. She’s a TV fanatic and has it on all day. I had never seen this show until we watched it one night after dinner and I was hooked! My husband laughs at me when I frantically run to the TV on Monday nights to watch my favorite dancers sail across the screen!

  3. I like this show too! Can you imagine all the practice they do,but their bodies are always in good shape! I always wished I could salsa like they do. I liked it when cloris leechman was on there last yr-she was funny!

  4. We really like this in our house too. I let the older girls stay up later than usual on Monday nights just so they can watch with us. I love watching them get up and try to copy the dances. I really think Cheryl and Gilles will take it, but they all are great.

  5. I love that show! It ends tomorrow and I’m thinking I still don’t know. Maybe Gilles!

  6. This is my favorite show! It even makes me want to learn to dance, (ballroom types of dances of course).

  7. I miss out last season, didn’t catch it the first show and forgot all about it

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