Passion for Purple

I’m a purple person. I’m always immediately attracted to anything purple. Whether it’s flowers, clothes, jewelry, or paper – if it’s purple, I usually love it!

Because I design jewelry, I have to keep reminding myself that there are other colors and that many people love other colors!!!

So yesterday, when I decided to make a pendant necklace, what color do you think I made?


You guessed it — purple. I just couldn’t help it. The beautifully muted shade of matte metallic purple on the faceted beads mesmerized me! 🙂


Oh well, back to the drawing board. I’ll try again tomorrow for a different color . . .

Maybe I’ll just leave all of the purple beads in the drawer so I won’t be tempted! 😉



Passion for Purple — 8 Comments

  1. Purple is a wonderful color! It’s mysterious and magical. It’s rich and regal, cool but also warm. Purple is the combination of red…which is firey and sensual, and blue which is ethereal and cool………it’s the best of both worlds! I love purple!!
    Who wouldn’t love that necklace??

  2. This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I know what you mean. I had to remind myself that not everybody likes purple too, then I got hooked on blue for a while. I go through color stages it seems.

  3. This is one of my favorite pieces. I don’t own any jewelry in purple but this is such a cute piece

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