Barbie and me . . .

So Barbie is 50. Can you imagine?

When she first appeared on the scene in 1959, I was still young enough to be playing with dolls on a daily basis. My best friend got one right away, so naturally I wanted one too.

But, there were six kids in my family, and I was realistic enough to understand that my every whim could not be granted. That didn’t stop me from wishing, however. 🙂

For my birthday that year, I received what would probably be called a “generic” Barbie in today’s terms. After an initial twinge of disappointment, I noticed how pretty she was and that she actually looked quite a lot like Barbie. Within a few minutes I decided that she would be “Barbie” to me.


What fun my friend and I had “sewing” clothes for the dolls. You would have thought we were couturiers from a Paris fashion house! Snips of lace and silk and chiffon were draped and re-draped to create the most glamorous creations imaginable – well at least WE thought so! 😉

gifts That Christmas, there was a very special surprise waiting for me under the tree. My mother had crocheted two outfits for my doll – a coat with matching hat, and a skirt with jacket. She must have had to work on them while I was at school, or late at night after I’d gone to bed.

Today, I read that a 1959 mint-condition Barbie can sell for up to $10,000. I still have my “generic Barbie” and the pretty outfits that my Mum made for her. They’re not the official Barbie brand, and they’re not in mint condition, but I wouldn’t part with them for any price!



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  1. Nice memory. I Never had a Barbie. My mom was mean. Then my cousin who had two, gave me one…her generic. But I loved her and made clothes for her out of scraps and scarves.

    My daughter loved her Barbies. She had a case of clothes she used to cart down the road to her friends house.

    When my grandson was small, he had Barbies too! Only they were trolls. Remember Troll Dolls? He called them his Barbies.

    Thanks for bringing great memories back. My childhood memories are not very pleasant, but I live through the good times we had with my daughter and my grandsons.

  2. Ooooooh! I actually had a real Barbie, but it was the one with the Bubble haircut…not the original ponytail one. My sister and I both got one for Christmas one year and mine was platinum blonde, lol! My aunt used to sew the most amazing clothes for her. She made a hand-beaded strapless sheath one year, and a two piece suit another year. I wish like crazy that I still had them, but my Mom gave them to my cousins after I went to college and who knows what ever happened with them. I remember envying a friend I had who had a Ken doll! Those were the days!

  3. I had (that’s the operative word) an original Barbie. While at college I gave my Mom permission to sell her at a garage sale. What a dumb move. However, she was sold for a dollar or two to a very cute, little Mexican girl who had nothing. I know she was played with and treasured, just as I had. (I still have her sister Skipper.)

  4. That was nice of your mom!
    And yeah, some things you can’t part with no matter what

  5. What a sweet story Crystal! I still have an outfit my mom made for my Barbie too! xoxo

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