Studio on Wheels

As a beader, I love to design near the sunniest window, but that means working at our kitchen table – not the best place to leave mounds of beads, especially if we’re hoping to have a relaxing dinner!

Sometimes just the thought of dragging everything out for a project and then having to clean up afterwards is enough to stifle even the most creative impulse. But we can’t let that happen. Creating nourishes our spirits!


Whether you sew, knit, crochet, scrapbook, or bead – it’s nice to be able to work on a project wherever you want to!

Even if you have a separate room for your art, there are times when you might want to “play” elsewhere. Maybe you’d like to be able to chat with the family as you craft, or there’s a good movie on TV and you want to be making something while you watch.


I‘ve found that a sturdy plastic rolling cart with four or five drawers is ideal for this purpose! Pull it right up beside you, and have access to everything you need. You can store tools in one drawer; and supplies, patterns, and current projects can be neatly arranged in the other drawers. When you’re finished crafting for the day, you can just wheel your “mini studio” out of the way in no time.

The rolling cart is truly a win/win! You’ll have flexibility of location and your projects will need less preparation and clean-up. 🙂

After all, finding time to craft is hard enough; we don’t need to waste precious minutes gathering and then putting away the supplies!


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Studio on Wheels — 6 Comments

  1. Its clear to me that you have too much time on your hands if your DRAWERS are THAT organized!!! 😉 (Just Joking) As my stash grows, I am getting more organized. I hate to have to search through piles of accumulation to find what I want. Terry usually senses that I am under stress and comes in to “help” which makes me MORE nervous. I usually keep my beading area clutter free. Then when I want to be on the move, I take my beading tray where I want to be. That’s probably why I don’t string much anymore!

    Have a great day Sis!

  2. LOL

    Well . . . don’t think that I didn’t “fluff up” that stuff in the drawers a little bit – so the cart would be “ready for its close-up, Dahling”. 😉

    But seriously, having some of my supplies so portable has really made it less of a chore and lots more fun to bead, wherever I like!

  3. I keep my scrapbooking supplies in carts like this too. Some have wheels and some are just big stacking drawers. It works great!

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