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tvblueBecause I’m a baby boomer, I literally grew up watching TV! What laptops, ipods, and cell phones are to today’s kids, is what televison was to my generation. We were “glued to it”, as my mother would say. I don’t know about you, but these days it seems harder to find shows that I’d want to be glued to! Oh, I know there definititely are a few, but they’re the exception and the endless commercials have taken some of the fun out of an evening in front of the TV


My solution has been to multi-task! Now I don’t mean that I dust the furniture or balance the checkbook while watching television, but I do like to have a creative project to work on – especially during all those commercials!!! I try to choose a fairly uncomplicated item so that I can relax and actually watch the show – without having to continually look away to check a difficult pattern. It’s really fun to have a little “something” to show for the time I’ve spent watching TV, too!

yarn-needlesSometimes I knit or crochet. I’ve also done cross-stitch, paper crafts, embroidery, and hand-sewing. The projects change, but that wonderful feeling of accomplishment is always the same!

I have a few things that I’ve recently finished, and I thought you might like to see one of them today.

May I present Exhibit A? 😉


This is a scarf that I worked on for an hour or two, every so often, over a few weeks.


It looks like confetti – in shades of pink, rose, lavender, violet, green, aqua and cranberry! I used a solid pink angora yarn along with a multi-color short eyelash.


The fluffy angora yarn gives the scarf a richer, more unique look/feel than the typical eyelash style.


It’s not extra-long but more of a medium length that drapes nicely to fill in the v-neckline of my winter coat.

What are you working on lately? Send in a photo! I’d love to post it here on the blog! 🙂



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  1. Hey Sista!
    I agree totally with you on TV. I have ONE can’t miss show..The Closer. I love love love Kyra Sedgewick. I hope she stays married to Kevin Bacon forever. Other than that, I watch Friday night on CBS and Dateline. That’s about it. I extended our cable package so we could get the Halmark Channel and Lifetime Movie Channel cause I’m a sucker for a cheesy movie. Right now I love that forensic stuff too. It used to be While You Were Out and other redecorating shows, but that became old because no way am I putting fabric on my walls or across the ceiling. Think of the dust. I know my high power vacuum would just suck it right in.

    So, I say SISTA, because I am one of those craft while the TV is on people. Right now my passion is bead embroidery. I think this will last for quite a while.

    Your Sista

  2. From where I live, everybody would appreciate a scarf, not mentioning a cute scarf

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