Autumn Colors

This year, summer has been kind of reluctant to leave New England . . .

But now that it’s October – autumn is insisting that she go. The nights are chillier and the leaves more colorful with every passing day.
fall image-368x470

Sir Beads and I are immersed in the usual end-of-summer chores:

    *Fall cleaning…
    *Removing fans and air conditioners…
    *Adjusting storm windows..
    *Adding fluffy blankets to the bed…

And reacquainting ourselves with the delights of the fall season:

    *Baking! (Or as I like to call it, “reclaiming the oven now that a hot kitchen feels cozy instead of miserable.”)
    *Leaf peeping! (It appears to be a banner year for foliage, here.)
    *Fall decorating! (Not as much as we used to – but I still love pumpkins, pilgrims, and an autumn-y front door.)
    *Choosing yarn! (for projects to crochet during winter evenings).

divider autumnleaves

As a beader, I love to design jewelry for every season, and right now our bead shop is chock full of fall-themed beads and findings!

Here are just a few:


divider autumnleaves

How is Fall going in your neck of the woods?



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Autumn Colors — 4 Comments

  1. Hey! HI!!
    Oh Fall…they call it Fall because the temps take a dive you know. I’m statying inside because our weather is chilly, windy, rainy….With all the clouds our leaves are changing by the minute. Lots of leaves down already. BUT you are right, its a great time to bake. I keep something home baked around everyday because Corey is working about 12 hours a day and he needs to take a lot of food to work everyday to sustain his energy!

    Well, the best about this time of year is the anticipation of HALLOWEEN!!
    I’ll show ya witches in a few days.

    XX, Carol

  2. Hey there, Carol 🙂
    I’ll bet that baked treats from his sweet grandmother make Corey’s 12-hr day seem a little shorter. (It will be fun to see your Halloween decorations!) xo

  3. Looking forward to seeing all the students in their costumes this year. I have already decorated, but I have not started baking. We are still grilling because the temps have been in the 80’s. Leaves have not started turning yet.
    I have been doing some events with the dogs and Artie has won a costume contest. He wore his ninja costume, but I will need to come up with something else for the events we do every year. Happy Halloween.

  4. Happy October, Kelly!
    It must be Artie’s favorite month – he often wins the costume contests! 😀
    What fun it will be for you to see all your students’ costumes! I don’t suppose Artie is allowed to go to school, but the kids would probably love to see pictures of him in costume! xo

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