First Tango with Tangerine Tango

I am not exaggerating when I confess that I have never owned an article of clothing in the color orange.

Oh, I’ve had accessories with touches of orange – scarves, jewelry, handbags – but never clothing!

It’s not that I avoid bright colors. If you know me – you know I love purple.

My second fave is red, so this girl is definitely not shy.

I guess I’ve always thought that an entire shirt or dress in orange would just be too much; too “loud”.

Besides, I’m a “winter” and orange is not a good color for “winters”. (Do you know your season?)

Recently, I needed new nightgowns. I love the all cotton, long t-shirt styles from Lands’ End.

There are several colors available but I chose Lavender and Coral (which I’ve had before).

When the package arrived, I literally gasped to see that the coral one was not at all like the previous coral I had purchased (which was a mixture of pink, peach, and orange – the way I picture coral to be!).

This new nightgown was jack-o-lantern orange!

Well, I figured I’d be brave and give it a try. You know – embrace the change.

According to Pantone, the color experts –

“Tangerine Tango” (bright orange) is the color of the year!

Maybe so, but whenever I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror while wearing it, I shake my head and think: “I could direct traffic in this get-up.” 😉




First Tango with Tangerine Tango — 13 Comments

  1. Good Morning Sis!!
    Yet another thing we have in common! Yes, I am a Summer too…very appropriate in other regards too, don’t you think? I LOVE coral, salmon and any other pink/orange mix as long as it’s on the blue side and not the red side. ( Yes, I know, I like red, but it has to be blue red not orange red). I was pretty disappointed to see TT as the color of the year. So I choose to ignore it and continue to wear last year’s Honeysuckle which inspired me to embrace pink. After all, I live in the Midwest and we are just now getting LAST year’s color ~lol~. Everyone tells me I look great in pink and get so many compliments that I wear it constantly. At my age, I gotta look for any compliment I can get. Which leads me to wonder if I should get rechecked on my color season since I changed my hair color to blonde to work with the gray instead of against it. Will blonde effect my color season? Probably not. I still look awful in medium blue and NEVER wear it. I used to and everyone told me I look tired when I did. Even though my hair is blonde, I still can’t wear yellow so I’m probably safe.

    Have a great day Crissy. Its storming here and Junior is begging me to stay home, but I did that LAST monday when he asked me to. See how I sacrifice to my puppy boy!
    xx, Carol

  2. LOL!! I can see you out in traffic. Well, actually I can see you STOPPING traffic. In your nightgown. I love it.

    (I just finished a handbag in coral, rust, peach and green. It came out really pretty.)

  3. I’m a winter, but when I’m riding a Harley bright orange and neon green can save your life so I sacrifice fashion for safety. I do look good in black leather though. 🙂
    We are settling in with our new rescue dog, Artie. I need to email you some photos of our cutie.

  4. Hi, Kelly!!!!!
    I’ll bet you are way cool in your black leather, Girl!
    Keep wearing that orange on the bike, Sweetie! You’re so right – fashion comes second!
    Would love to show Artie off here on the blog. 😀

  5. LOL, Donna,
    Luckily, it’s a long t-shirt so not too risque 😉
    But you have me laughing, here, as you often do! 😀

    Will stop by your blog soon!

  6. Oh yes!!!!! Carol!!!!!
    Blue-red… NEVER orange-red! We were separated at birth!

    You ARE the perfect summer in all regards! And wimpy-in-the-heat me will even wish for a real summer this year – just for you who loves it so! I know summer weather has been disappointing for you in the last couple of years!

    Note to Junior: Keep trying to get your momma to stay home on Mondays. She works too hard!

  7. Done!! 😀

    I may do a necklace with the light blue 2-holed beads. Thinking about it. Gathering up my blue beads. Have been wanting to make something with them.

  8. That’s wonderful Donna,
    You’re ahead of schedule, again. Yay, you! 😀

    I love those blue beads! Such a great shade of blue, and the shape is so pretty. If the quilting isn’t calling too loudly – maybe you will do a design with them. Would love to see it.

  9. Oh gosh…this post was funny! I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything in orange either. I can’t believe it’s this season’s “in” color. (???)

    I do love orange in August at Michaels…you know what I’m talking about! 😉

    xo Paulette

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