Report Card for Crystal

Yep! That’s right!

A report card for – me. (Oh-oh!)

This time last year, I wrote a post listing things I wanted to try and accomplish in 2011. I explained that they were not exactly “resolutions” but were more in the vein of “readjusting my focus”.

Let’s see how well I did, ok? 😉


7 Things Crystal Wants Wanted To Do in the New Year 2011

1. Read More!
Reading is the first thing that suffers when I’m short on time. But, I love to read. When the Kindle first came out, Sir Beads surprised me with one for my birthday. I need to get back to using it more.

Grade: C+ I am reading a little more these days but still no where near as much as I would like – so little time!

2. Eat Breakfast On Weekdays!
Ever since I was a kid, I have been unenthusiastic about breakfast – except on the weekends. I’m just not hungry when I jump out of bed. If I have a busy day planned – the last thing I want to do is sit down and have a meal. I like to grab a cup of tea and start working. I know this isn’t good for me. They say that you need “fuel” to start a fire of energy to get your body cranking on all cylinders. They also say that people who eat breakfast are thinner. Hmmm, now that got my attention! 😉

Grade: A+ LOL! Ok, you’re probably wondering how on earth I accomplished this???
Four words – Sir Beads has retired! That boy does not like to miss a meal – so breakfast is now an everyday event around here. (We also began a breakfast-out ritual (once a week), which we enjoy tremendously!)

3. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!
Lately, my lists have lists. I have to develop some real shortcuts to accomplish the things I need to do . . . or maybe I should decide if anything I’m doing could be eliminated entirely.

Grade: B- I’ve eliminated several things but having you-know-who home has added new tasks to my list! I’m going to have to continue to work on this.

4. Cook Something New!
We all have our favorite meals and our stash of “go-to” recipes but it’s easy to get into a rut. I want to test new dinner ideas in 2011 to add a little more variety to suppertime!

Grade: A One unanticipated result of spending more time with hubby is that we find ourselves experimenting with new recipes… and HE is making some of them!! Woo hoo! 😀
We often cook together and are having a great time adding some new favorites to spice up mealtime. By the way, do you watch or tape “The Chew“? It’s an entertaining TV show with several chefs as hosts and various celebrity guests. We love it!

5. Pare Down the Clothes Closet!
Boy, am I ever the poster girl for the old saying: We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time! This is the year to face the fact that some of what I’ve been saving would get much more use if it were donated.

Grade: D I must admit I have not done much on this front, at all. Boo me! It goes to the top of the list for 2012.

6. Cull Out the Collections!
I love pretty things (Who doesn’t?), but I’ve come to the conclusion that too much energy is expended on dusting, cleaning, and caring for them. I’m going to keep my absolute favorites and the rest will have to go.

Grade: B- I (we) have spent a fair amount of time sorting through things. We’ve done the 4-pile thing: Keep, Donate, Sell, Trash. Not finished, but definite progress has been made.

7. Create A Studio – Finally!
This is the big one! I haven’t ever had a large space dedicated to my creative endeavors. Oh, I had a little craft area in our basement when my kids were growing up. It was clean and bright with pegboard and shelves installed by Sir Beads for my supplies, and a pretty rug to make it cozy. The problem? There was no heat, which was ok in the summer but in winter I felt like Bob Cratchit working by the heat of a candle (not exactly, but you get the idea!). Eventually, I decided that working in the living quarters was more comfortable, even if I did have to continually take all the supplies out and then put them all away again – daily! Talk about time-consuming. My kids are in their own homes now and there’s no reason why we can’t turn one of the bedrooms into a wonderful workspace.

Grade: C- I still do not have a formally designated art studio, but I have been buying the shelving and lighting, which will be used for it. That along with the general sorting and donating we’ve accomplished have put me closer to the day I can move into a space I call my own! Won’t that be wonderful!!!??!!

So . . . I didn’t make the Honor Roll. Hope I don’t get in trouble when my parents see this report card. 😉


How about you?

Did you stick to the plan for 2011?

Have you given any thought to the things you hope to do in 2012?




Report Card for Crystal — 3 Comments

  1. Well, I would give myself an overall grade of…..bad.
    The excuses are:
    health of both Terry and I
    my mental attitude

    This year I started off with a great new attitude.
    I am not taking other people’s monkey. That’s my term of taking responsibility for
    someone else’s issues. Nope. Know why? My daughter is planning to move out in a few months. Let them set their alarm clocks, be sure they have clean clothes to wear tomorrow and cook something to eat if I don’t AND…AND…AND clean up after yourself. You won’t have Bamma to kick around any more ~lol~.

    Anyway. This will be a good year. No lists of what I want to accomplish. I just want quiet, and calm and peace and quiet time with Terry. I see the light getting closer!!

    So, we await YOUR new list…if you must make one. I say freedom is my word this year…freedom to live happily without a list!! ~lol~~
    Much Love,

  2. Talk about hitting the ground running, I started a new job at the school two days before school began. My goal is to keep up with both my school work and my new job as well as taking notes for one of the disabled students at school. One of my professors today asked me if there is anything I don’t do. My reply was I draw the line at jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, other than that I’m usually up for almost anything.

    I hope everyone is staying safe, warm and dry this winter. One great advantage to working at the bookstore is I get all the tea, hot chocolate, coffee and fountain soda I want for free. At the end of the night the staff has been putting the left overs in the frig for me because they know I have a class on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. The bookstore closes at 7 so I have an 1 1/2 to study, eat or chill before class. I’m blessed to have such great co-workers who care about me.

  3. My health issues get in my way a lot of the time. I didn’t make a lot of jewelry last year like I had planned to do…you can tell from my terrible sales stats for 2011 and the amount of items in my etsy shop. LOL

    I don’t have a list for this year. I’m taking things day by day and allowing myself a certain amount of time for tasks. I’m really trying to focus on my jewelry more, so I’m setting aside a certain amount of time each day to create jewelry and take pictures of new pieces as they are made instead of waiting forever, which is what I’m very guilty of doing. I have other things I know I need to get done, like cleaning out the storage room and the bedroom closet, but I’m going to tackle them when I can and when I’m ready. No specific limits for me this year. I’m just handling each day as it comes. 🙂

    By the way Crystal…I love reading your blog posts! I give you an A+. 🙂

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