Just One More Thing

I realize we’re well past the Christmas season.

But just like that one lonely ornament which always seems to be hiding in plain sight after the decorations have been packed up and put away . . .

I have one more holiday tidbit to share with you. 😉

Are these cute or what?

Santa Hats

My younger daughter made them for our family gathering on Christmas Eve.

The ingredients? Tiny brownies (made-from-scratch), cream cheese frosting (homemade), and strawberries.

Oh my goodness, kids! We are talking d e l i c i o u s!!!

My girl wields a mean pastry bag – just look at those frosting pom poms.

Better get out your pencils and paper, or fire up the printer . . . I’m about to give you the recipe she used. Put it in a safe place for next year. I promise you’ll be the talk of the party, or the darling of the family – or both!

The recipe for “Santa Hats” can be found here

‘Til next time,


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  1. O Cool! I see these for valentine day, with a variation of course. We recently attended a birthday party for a friend. Her son is a chef and he had made desserts similar to these and they were to die for.

    Thanks for the recipe. So easy and yet such a unique treat.
    xx, Carol

  2. Those are really cute and I could make a valentine variation too. I have already bought M&Ms on sale to separate the red and green for Valentine’s and St. Pat’s Day. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Oh my! Sweets are my weakness, and those look SO yummy! I just may have to make them way before Christmas….ya know, to make sure I get the recipe right and to brush up on my frosting skills. ;-D

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  4. Crystal,
    I’m thrilled to pieces that you liked these brownie bites! I’m thinking a heart shaped strawberry on top will make a perfect valentine variation. Thanks a million for linking the recipe back to me as well…top notch! That brownie recipe was my grandmother’s…in a 9×13 pan they cook for about 25-35 minutes! awesome with ice cream and hot fudge too! Oh…the possibilities with a good brownie!

  5. Hi Logan!
    Thank YOU! 🙂
    The frosting and the strawberries are yummy, but it’s definitely the brownies that take center stage in this dessert!!!

    It is so kind of you to share your grandmother’s recipe! 🙂 I’ll bet she was a fabulous cook.

    I’m going to try a 9 x 13 pan of them, next!
    xo Crystal

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