Autumn Bliss

I love autumn!

Maybe you’re a passionate fan of another season.

Even so, you must admit that autumn has its charm! 🙂

Besides the obvious delights – such as crisp air, bright pumpkins, colorful foliage, and the autumn holidays – there are more subtle gifts to savor during this glorious time of year.

Today, I share some things that make autumn special to me . . .

1. The slow-motion dance of a single leaf as it flutters to the ground.

2. Fresh apple cider
(Just had some – see photo!)

3. Pumpkin bread
(Yep, just had some. Washed it down with the apple cider! See photo, again!) 😉
(recipe found here)

4. Shopping for new yarn and planning cozy cold-weather projects like scarves, shawls, and blankets.

5. Fall brings the new season for favorite tv shows! (So tired of summer re-runs.)

6. The welcome return to a nightly ritual that Sir Beads and I enjoy tremendously – our after dinner cup-of-tea! We have to give it up during the summer months as the evenings are just too warm for a hot beverage. But, beginning every fall, no matter how hectic our schedule, we make it a point to put on the kettle, find a cookie or three, and spend a little time unwinding, together. It’s my favorite part of the day.

C‘mon, now. What do you like about Fall?

I’d love to know!




Autumn Bliss — 3 Comments

  1. It seems to me that when we were younger, we enjoyed the fall more. It also seems that it lasted longer. But this year the heat changed to cold, rain and strong wind that brought the leaves down before we could even enjoy their color.

    So here we are with bare trees, leaves all cleaned up waiting for Thanksgiving. I admit, just this one time, I like fall football weather, a tiny bit, but I stay true to summer.
    xx, Carol

  2. I love riding my harley in the cooler weather with all the beautiful trees. Halloween is a great holiday to do stuff with the dogs, and Thanksgiving with my family is my all time favorite holiday. In addition to the trees and holidays, its soup and chili weather which taste so good this time of the year. I also like to bake pumpkin pie and make caramel apples. Dad and I go apple picking at the orchard and those fresh apples make the best caramel apples. I’m with you Crystal, fall is fantastic.

  3. I do like the cooler weather. And I can wear brown without feeling like I should explain my color choice. 😀

    Hubby and I just recently polished off a gallon of apple cider. So good!!

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