C is for Cooking with Clenna

I missed you kids!

How was your weekend?

Busy? Fun? Relaxing?

How about a report!?! ๐Ÿ™‚


Today, I have a recipe that Clenna discovered.

Sounds good and economical, so it’s a great tie-in to last week’s discussion on “ways to save money”.

As I was preparing this post, it struck me as a great topic to use for the letter C in my ABC-Along series!

C is for Cooking a Chicken Casserole with Clenna! ๐Ÿ˜€

Chicken Casserole


1 pkg. macaroni and cheese dinner ($1.50)

2 cup chicken (I had on hand from a prior time.)

1 can cream of chicken soup (.50)

1 1/2 cup chicken broth ($1)

1 T. onion flakes (in pantry)

1 can french fried onion rings ($2)

2 T. butter (in fridge)


Combine macaroni and cheese dinner, chicken, cream of chicken soup, onion flakes, pepper flakes and chicken broth in 2-quart casserole. Microwave on full power 16 minutes, covered. Stir once. Rest, covered for 5 minutes. Add butter and mix well. Top with onion rings.


Recipe was found here

Thanks, Clenna! ๐Ÿ˜€




C is for Cooking with Clenna — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Clenna, this looks good and I can make it in my toaster oven so I don’t heat up the house. I like my casseroles baked for some reason.

    We had a great weekend at the Nebraska State Harley Rally. The weather was cool and cloudy each morning, but the sun came out each afternoon. It was wonderful to see all of our friends and there was much laughter along with gentle teasing all weekend.
    We have not made any northern rallys yet because of the time it takes to get there and back. Right now we try to do long weekends so we can do more than 1 rally a year. In July, we will be heading to Pella, Iowa with 8 friends to attend the Iowa Rally.

    I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day.

    5/31 World No Tobacco Day (brings awareness of the health issues and dependency issues related to tobacco use)
    5/31 National Macaroon Day
    5/31 What You Think Upon Grows Day (Remember today that your thinking creates your reality. So, spend the day thinking positively) I think I will be grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life!!

  2. OK Kelly – now you need to send in a recipe with K in it. Even a Kasserole!
    I like my casseroles baked too. I love the burnt edges.

  3. Good Morning!!
    Hi Kelly. Glad you had a great time and returned home safe and sound. The weather is in such a turmoil right now that can’t be too easily done right now!

    Clenna. I make this cassarole with tuna and creme of mushroom soup. My kids call it tuna noodle casserole. I usually get elated responses when I tell them its for dinner. The good thing is I can make it about once a week and they are happy. I usually split Italian Bread, butter it and add mozzerella cheese and put it in the oven until the cheese is melted. Hey they’re teens and if I don’t give em bread, 1/2 hour later they’re looking for more food!. We end it with jello with fruit. Easy Peasy. Thanks for the chicken suggestion. I think they would like that too.

    We are coping with 90 degree weather, but I am not complaining, but hoping the storms stay away.

    I will be celebrating WYTUGD, because that is how I think EVERYDAY. Positive attracts positive. So I am not saying I don’t want storms…I am saying I want the sun!!
    See how that works?

    xx, Carol

  4. I will try Carol’s suggestion with tuna, as I don’t “do” chicken!
    Sounds good & easy!!! Perfect for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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