B is for Bureau

And also for . . .

Beads 😀


Many (but far from all) of my Vintage Lucite Beads are stored in this bureau.

Every drawer is chock full of beads!

Part of the fun for me is that this is a bureau I used while I was growing up!

After I got married, my parents turned it over to me. Since then I’ve used it for baby clothes, and later for sewing supplies and fabric.


But its most recent purpose is to house beautiful beads!




B is for Bureau — 5 Comments

  1. I cannot imagine that many beads, its amazing. No wonder you are always working on your crafts. I love the fact that this Bureau was yours when you were a child. I still have my little play table, which holds great memories for me.

    On Thursday, We are leaving for the Nebraska state Harley rally in Kearney. I’m looking forward to seeing our friends from all over the country. We all meet in Nebraska each year. This rally usually has about 200 people so its not crazy like Strurgis, and this is more my speed. I may not have access to a computer so I will post when I get back on Monday.

    Today’s Celebrations
    5/25 Cookie Monster’s Birthday (My favorite Sesame Street Character)
    5/25 National Wine Day
    5/25 National Brown-Bag-It Day ( I guess you could always put your wine in a brown bag and combine your holidays) Not recommended if you are on the job though.

  2. Hey Kelly – do you ever go to the rally in NH?

    Now I know why I don’t bead……takes up too much room (and I don’t have the talent).
    But I’ll just blame not having the room.

    I do love the bureau though.

  3. Hi All

    Wow Crissie. What a great bureau…and reeeeellly old! ~lol~

    Kelly, enjoy the ride. How fun. Stay safe and I wish you good weather.
    I am going to have a Snickerdoodle in honor of Cookie Monster’s birthday (he is my favorite too, but just a smidge more than Elmo).

    Stay safe everyone and have a good day.
    xx, Carol

  4. You Kids are too funny!

    Carol says I’m ancient! (OK, true!, lol)

    Kelly, I’m still giggling about the wine in the brown paper bag!

    Clenna – I think you may be forgetting that I SELL beads! I don’t think a person who has beads only for crafting would ever have the quantities that I do! 🙂

  5. You are so organized! I love it.
    My husband tells me all the time that I should start a professional organizational business. 🙂

    But it is so much easier to find things when they are in the place that they are SUPPOSED to be!

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