It’s A Secret

If you are reading this and you are my eldest daughter

STOP reading right now!!!

Grab that mouse and click to another page!

I’m going to be talking about a surprise that’s on the way to you. πŸ™‚


Is she gone? πŸ˜‰

Ok, good!

You may remember that my daughter lives with her husband in Europe and that she LOVES the Easter “Peeps”. (There’s a funny story about our efforts to send her some last Easter. You can find it here.)

This year, I found a new way to celebrate her fondness for peeps – I made her an Easter card.


Notice the little rubber stamp in the top right of this photo? When I saw that stamp, I just had to buy it.

Here is my “peeps” card! It’s fairly small – about 4″ x 5″. To make the envelope, I took apart an old white one, and then used it as a template for the striped paper.

I don’t think she’ll mind if I show you the inside . . .

(Tulips are her favorite flower!)

Gosh, it was fun to do.

I must try to find the time to play with paper more often!




It’s A Secret — 6 Comments

  1. You daughter is going to love that card. I like the little rabbit on the card. Are you going to send her more peeps this year? Peeps are now available for Halloween and Christmas too. Its funny how popular the peeps have become.
    Here is some peeps trivia,
    In 1953, it took 27 hours to make a peep, and now it takes 6 minutes.
    The shelf life of Peeps, if stored properly, is years.
    The average adult eats 5 peeps in one sitting.

    Today’s celebrating include:
    4/21 National High Five Day (It’s fun , and easy to celebrate this special day. Give a High Five to everyone you see)
    4/21 National Chocolate-covered Cashews Day ( I will have to celebrate this holiday, cashews are one of my favorite snacks and covering with chocolate could only improve them)
    4/21 Holy Thursday

  2. O, Chocolate covered cashew day!!! I love them. I feeeeeer I will never be able to eat nuts again with falsies. No Chinese Cashew Chicken either. Think they’ll think I’m nuts if I order and ask them to hold the cashews ~lol~.

    I hate peeps, but I think they are cute. Terry loves them and I always make sure that he gets plenty. And I think all those people that are posting pics everywhere of roasting peeps over a fire are just NOT right!!

    Crissie, that card is just so darned cute. Its one of those treasures that your daughter will keep forever…I mean you even MADE the envelope!!

    Everyone have a great day.
    xx, Carol

  3. Kelly – I was so relieved to read that the average adult eats 5 peeps at a sitting. I feel so guilty eating that many but I just can’t resist.

    Crystal – I love that card. I never played around with paper but it looks like so much fun. Your daughter will love it.

  4. Wonderful card, SO much love put into it! I know she will be thrilled to get it. πŸ™‚

    Kelly, I guess I am above average since I can eat WAY more than 5 peeps in a sitting!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Kids! πŸ™‚

    Interesting peeps facts, Kelly! Sir Beads and I haven’t sent candy peeps to my daughter this year, but her sister also sends them, sometimes! πŸ™‚

    I love cashews!
    My favorite Easter candy would have to be jelly beans! πŸ˜€

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