Finding Your Bliss With Beads . . .

Did you know that beading can be good for you?

It’s true! Experts agree that a hobby can have a very positive effect on both our physical and emotional health. Studies suggest that we all benefit from the relaxation that occurs when we are deeply involved in an activity we enjoy, and that we should try to set aside a little chunk of time every day to “play”.

The key is to be so absorbed in the hobby, that for a few minutes, we almost forget what time it is or what day it is. It is during those moments that the worries and stress of the day melt away, and our bodies and spirits are refreshed and regenerated. We don’t even have to finish a project to benefit, because it’s the process of planning and dreaming, as well as the creating, that does it!

Beads lend themselves perfectly to this purpose. It’s so much fun to arrange the different styles, colors, and sizes as you imagine and plan a design. Of course, many other hobbies and even listening to music or reading a page-turner of a book will help you achieve this relaxed state of mind. But if you’re looking for a suggestion, I know that bead-lovers everywhere will agree – you’ll find your bliss with beads! 🙂


Finding Your Bliss With Beads . . . — 8 Comments

  1. Till now I used to read whenever I used to get free time or sleep. Nothing creative. Although reading your blog, I have been thinking lately of working on something creative. There will be 2 benefits of this. Firstly I will get relaxed. and secondly I will be able to make something. This weekend I will buy some colorful beads and then will work on them. There are a few things which I need, I am keeping my fingers crossed in hope that I will be able to make those. And in the process maybe I get some appreciation too 🙂

  2. I find organizing beads by colour, size, etc. to be therapeutic. I think of nothing else but picking and sorting… I go into a bit of a dream state, it’s heavenly. My shoulders hurt afterwards, though 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, do I have hobbies! I love to do anything artsy, and if I don’t create for a couple of days, I get withdrawal symptoms. I really do!
    I totally agree that it takes your mind off of things, like a little perfect escape. I don’t need a fancy vacation, just let me go to my craft room and leave me alone with my imagination (she’s my best friend) and my toys!!!!

    Over years I’ve been into crochet, decorative painting on wood, beading, dolls, and crazy quilting. When I get bored of one … I move on to something else. It’s always fun!

  4. I enjoy making my own greeting cards! My husband made a special room for me in our basement! Embellishments for my cards are my favorite.
    Thanks, Cindi

  5. Well, this is so true. The question is what exactly is a “hobby” . My trusty always at hand dictionary says “an activity engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time”. So what is work to some, may be a hobby to me. Such as gardening, which is one of my summer hobbies along with birding and beading. However, there are other hobbies I turn to occasionally. I love crochet, and SEWING and several hobbies of the lesser hobby. But I am always involved in something.

    Everyone should have a hobby.

  6. I sometimes wish I had two more hands. But.. what other two things on my body would I trade for them. Hmm. I can think of two huge somethings. LOL!!

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