Movie Magic

When I was a pre-teen (yes, yes, when the dinosaurs roamed!), I used to make a little spending money by babysitting.

Part of the fun was that once the children were all tucked in and sleeping, I had a TV – ALL TO MYSELF!

That wasn’t ever the case at home, where I had a bunch of siblings, not to mention parents, with whom I had to continually negotiate over which program to watch.

Ah, but when babysitting, I could turn that channel dial at will!

Notice I said, “turn the dial” – as in walk over to the TV (or in my case sit real close on the floor) and manually turn the channel. There was no remote control then. 😉

What I loved most were the movies! I’d devour the TV Guide to consider my choices and read every detail in order to make a final decision. There was usually an old classic on the schedule – especially on weekends. Anyone remember the program called “Saturday Night at the Movies”?

I can still remember so many that fascinated me, including:

A Summer Place
The Rose Tattoo
Come Back Little Sheba
The Good Earth
Bridge to the Sun

They were often based on books or plays, and most were filmed in black and white. It didn’t matter – those stories really didn’t need any frills or special effects!


I‘m wondering if you have any favorite old movies, or movies that made an impression on you. Please, tell us about them! 😀




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  1. I don’t remember any tv movies that made an impression on my life but I remember going to see the wolf movie Lobo when I was a kid. It gave me a lifelong love of these beautiful creatures and I’m thrilled there is a wolf sanctuary near my home. I volunteer at their open house each year.
    I also remember one called Treasure of Matecumbe that no-one else seems to remember. I loved making treasure maps and playing pirate because of that movie.
    Today we celebrate:
    3/24 National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
    I’m not sure why we are so light on celebrations today. Maybe they thought everyone would be too tired from celebrating Puppy Day, yesterday.

  2. OMGosh…Chocolate Covered Raison day…I’m in heaven. I love them especially double dipped.

    I don’t remember watching much TV when I was a kid. I think I spent more time reading than watching. I do remember watching Dark Shadows soap opera. HOWEVER, on Saturday nights WGN in Chicago had Creature Features and I DO remember watching all those old monster movies with Boris Karloff, Lon Cheney and Vincent Price. Then there was the Sunday Matinee Theater with all the old Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power and Clark Gable movies. All in black and white of course.
    xx, Carol

  3. I don’t remember any TV movies either. Our local donut shop gave our free movie tickets for Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons. So I went to the movies often. Of course I watched all the cowboy movies – Gene Autry and Roy Rogers mostly. When I was in high school my parents, boyfriend and I traveled from Marion to Indianapolis to see Cleopatra in Cinemascope – it was beautiful and Elizabeth was gorgeous!

  4. I love old movies! Everything was done so much better, it was not all sex and violence. The stories actually mattered.
    Some favorites:
    National Velvet- loved Liz Taylor & Mickey Rooney in this; was sad to hear of her passing.
    To Catch A Thief
    Breakfast at Tiffanys
    Gone With the Wind
    I know that these are EVERYONES favorites, but they are for a reason!! They are great classic movies!

    I HATE raisins, even chocolate cannot make them better for me, so I am not celebrating today.

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