Wordless Wednesday – Almost

During the “Christmas in Spring” family gathering I mentioned on Monday, I received a couple of very sweet gifts.

My sisters have a real knack for finding things that make me smile!

One sister knows how I love vintage things and little bits of nostalgia. She found these adorable magnets! One look at them transported me right back to the days when I was learning to read! πŸ˜€

Don’t they look great on the refrigerator?

My other sister knows that I’m sentimental. She touched my heart with this lovely plaque.

I’ve put it on a shelf where I’ll see it all the time! πŸ˜€

I love my sisters!





Wordless Wednesday – Almost — 10 Comments

  1. I’m glad you and your sisters are so close. The shelf looks great, the doll is just adorable. I remember learning to read with the Dick and Jane books too.

    Clenna, have a great time shopping and I hope the weather holds.
    Carol, congratulations on your grandsons success in the tournaments last weekend. Way Cool!!

    Today we celebrate:
    3/23 National Chip and Dip Day (I like the Baked Lays with Dean’s Ranch dip)
    I would love to know what types of dip and chips everyone else likes.
    3/23 National Melba Toast Day
    3/23 National Puppy Day
    3/23 Kick Butts Day (the day for youth to STAND OUT … SPEAK UP … and SEIZE CONTROL AGAINST BIG TOBACCO)

  2. The Dick and Jane magnets are too cute. I’d love to have them too. OK Crissie, spill it. What are all the other things on your frig? Whose Pics? Why are they special. I think we should all take a pic of our frig and send it to Crissie for Show and Tell. I’ll do it this weekend and I won’t even straighten it. You’ll get the everyday lived in look. Promise.

    I choose to celebrate National Puppy Day. Oops! EVERYDAY is Puppy Day at My house!

    My fav chips are Honey Barbeque. And if I eat plain chips, I like guacamole dip with them. But I gotta tell you, I don’t eat chips much. Even with teeth. My fav has always been carmel corn. Can you eat that with dentures?

    Remember, send Crissie your frig pics.

    Have a very Chippy Day!
    xx, Carol

  3. My Mother always said a girl needs a sister. But I have a brother – what’s up with that?
    I love your gifts – very sweet. What did you get them?

    Hey Kelly – I love any kind of dip. Favorites: 7 layer dip and French onion dip.
    I love Ruffles and Corn Chips.
    I love the National Pup Day – gotta give my doggy friends a good rub down.

  4. Hi Clenna,
    I *made* gifts for my sisters. It was funny because both had a “holiday” theme – which was a little late for spring. They didn’t seem to mind though! πŸ™‚

    I made a glitzy pair of earrings for one sister with the idea she might wear them for New Year’s Eve. And I made a beaded Christmas ornament for my other sister in her favorite color, blue.

  5. Kelly,
    I like the Baked Lays Potato Chips, too. I also like Ruffles and Cape Cod Potato Chips. In fact, one summer we went on a tour of that factory. The funny thing is that we seldom have potato chips in the house, here. Maybe it’s because we both have trouble (as the old commercial states) “eating just one”! πŸ˜‰

  6. Awe, Thanks sis. I’m glad you like the magnets. I love my blue ornament and I Love You!

  7. Ok, late again!!
    I will send a pic of my fridge, great idea Carol. We moved about 2 years ago and got a new fridge. We have not yet cluttered this one up as much as the last one; it was so covered in photos and magnets and artwork on every available inch that you could not tell what color it was. We were constantly knocking things off when we opened it. We do have some pictures on this one, but not as many.
    We don’t eat many chips in our house because no one has any willpower! I always get pretzels. I like all the weird flavors of chips, though. Golden Flake makes “Sweet Heat” BBQ flavor and dill pickle flavor. Zapps chips always have interesting flavors I like, too. My husband and some people he works with found some Baby back rib flavored chips (I can’t remember the brand), but they are hard to find. Whenever anyone at court finds them, they buy them for everyone down there! They are really good!! I like vinegar and salt, too. Can you see why I don’t buy chips???
    Every day is puppy day at my house!!

    I love the magnets!! Adorable!

  8. I love my earrings, I found a party worthy of them on Saturday! I’m lucky to have amazing sisters (oh, yeah, and brothers!) Love you, Sue

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