Lucky 7 March Edition

Let’s face it – March can be a dreary month.

It’s far enough away from December that the holiday festivities are just a fuzzy memory.

It can be cold and grey, and let’s not forget windy.

But if this seems like a negative post . . . no way!!! 🙂

For this edition of Lucky Seven I have:

7 Things To Love About March.

1. Spring arrives in March.
We all deserve a lovely spring after the winter we are experiencing.

2. The Crocuses bloom –
sometimes through the snow! Ours are purple and you know how I feel about purple. 😉

3. Hot Cross Buns
Whether you like them or not (I do, but wouldn’t mind if the candied fruits were omitted.), they’re a sure sign that March has arrived.

4. St Patrick’s Day
I’m part Irish and I was literally raised on my grandmother’s Irish bread. (story and recipe here) I’ve already stocked up on ingredients to make a lot of it this month!

5. My oldest daughter is a March baby.
It’s the month I became a mom. 🙂

6. March is the perfect time for adding a touch of spring to the front door.
I’m going to use this wreath for Spring 2011!

7. Daylight Savings Time begins in March
(March 13th to be exact for the U.S. and Canada) and who doesn’t love more hours of daylight!!!


What do you love about March?




Lucky 7 March Edition — 5 Comments

  1. This is a tough one, I have always hated this month because its a tease. It will be warm and sunny one day and then it will snow. I hate the constant changing because the fluctuating barometric pressure gives me migraines.

    OK, I’m going to try to find things I like about this month. Sometimes I can get in my first Harley ride because it is warm enough. I love St. Patrick’s Day and its decorations. This Sunday is the Mardi Paw parade and Kouga will be dressing up as a king. The return of the fish fries on Fridays at the Catholic church up the street.
    Spring Break at the college.

    I’m already feeling better about this month. Thanks Crystal!!

  2. Not too much!
    Lent usually begins. I always view it as a time to remember to be a better person.
    My daughter’s birthday on March 26 is always fun.
    The snow is melted and I see what the dogs have gifted me over the winter.

    Well, thats about it. Except it will go by fast and then it will be APRIL!!
    Have a great day!
    xx, Carol

  3. I always hated March as a kid – it’s a dreary month filled with dirty snow.

    But one year I gave birth in March – on St Pat’s day! I had a beautiful boy. When I came home from the hospital – the flowers had started to show up. The air felt warmer and cleaner. I felt rejevenated. What a beautiful month March had become!

  4. Spring is already here in the South, the weather has been warmer, the trees are turning green (and pink and white with flowers), the jonquils have been blooming, things are finally looking up! We have had a crazy, snowy winter here. Spring is VERY welcome. My yard is greening up, I bet I will need to mow it next week!

  5. My youngest son was born in March, and I love St. Patrick’s Day, but that’s it for me. March is the month I start wishing it was September again! xoxo

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