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  1. Hi Crystal! How cute these vintage cards are! One of my very, very, VERY favorite snacks is popcorn, so the “corny” valentine is my favorite! ;D I love it! …Have a fun day today! xoxo Paulette

  2. I love these vintage cards – so sweet. And the sad thing is they remind me of when I was a kid. Do you remember decorating a cereal box in school so you could get your cards?

  3. Oh yessss! Those were the days when Valentines were king and we didn’t have a slew of mass marketing from movies, tv shows and kiddyland icons! Corny sayings that everyone loved to get.

    Thanks for the memories.

  4. Hi Clenna ๐Ÿ™‚
    We DID decorate a box in school – but it was the BIG box where all the Valentines were stored until the day of the party. Our teachers (nuns) would have us begin working on that big box about a week before Valentine’s Day. Once it was ready, we were allowed to bring in our cards. Over the next few days, the box became more and more full. Of course, we thought that this over-sized shipping carton, which was dripping with paper doilies, hearts, stickers, crepe paper and anything else we could get our hands on, was the most GORGEOUS thing we ever saw! lol

  5. So true, Carol!
    You know, as I was looking at old Valentines to choose the ones for today, it really struck me how sweetly corny they used to be. Times sure were different then – Grade School kids were not bombarded with the questionable advertising and double entendres that are everywhere today.

  6. I love the old valentines cards, nowadays they are just superheroes and cartoon characters. My daughter is too old for valentines (they do candy grams at her school), but when Robert does valentines, hopefully we will MAKE them.

  7. I love these old cards. When I was a kid we were sent home with a list of all the kids in the class. Then on the day of the party we brought in our decorated shoe box and collected all the cards. The room mothers provided all the goodies and games.

    I still give out these types of cards (I know they are more commercial now) but my co-workers and friends love to get them. I even throw in the suckers too. Its fun to act like a kid sometimes.

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