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It occurs to me that you may be wondering how I would answer some of the questions I’ve been asking all of you on the “Giveaway” posts! 🙂

Here’s my reply for . . .

“Describe your favorite teacher.”


I was very fortunate to have several great teachers (Some were nuns!), but my favorite was an English teacher during my sophomore year in high school when I was 15 years old. She was the classic prim and proper lady schoolteacher. She dressed in matronly, out-of-style outfits – overly long skirts and drab-colored dresses. Her shoes were sensible (grandmotherly!) with shoelaces and thick, low heels. This was during the era of the mini skirt and go-go boots, so she seemed desperately out of place. She was probably only in her mid-30’s at the time. Even as a kid, I felt sympathy for the constant teasing that she took (behind her back of course) regarding her nerdy appearance.

However, Miss Dillon’s eyes actually gleamed whenever she read poetry, or passages from great literature. Her voice was almost breathless, as she encouraged us to see the beauty in a phrase or a paragraph that we were studying. Her enthusiasm was absolutely infectious!!

I do believe it was Miss Dillon who most influenced my taste in literature and my love for poetry. And she unknowingly opened my eyes to a very valuable life lesson. After taking her class, I never again judged anyone on appearance alone.



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  1. this made me think of my own second grade teacher. I adored her.

  2. Well, I have to admit when I first saw you were going to post about Mrs. Dillon, my mind immediately jumped to what a teacher would look like if she were married to MR DILLION, Matt Dillion, you know the sheriff on Gunsmoke, not to be confused with Miss Kitty of course. ~lol~

    After reading this account, maybe my mind wasn’t so far off!!!

    Have a great weekend. ** see**. My mind is clearing after a week of tremendous work related stress. It’s getting back to its old craziness, which should not to be attributed to the fact that grey hair has creeped in too fast and Miss Clairol has suggested that I begin lightening my hair so the grey roots do not contrast so much with my former dark locks.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I loved reading about your Miss Dillon. How true Crystal, no one should ever be judged by what they look like, and the clothes they wear If we all looked the same and wore the same clothes, it would then be the “Miss Dillons” that would out shine so many of the others we seem to believe sparkle, but are really dull on the inside! She must have adored you!!! Hugs, xoxo Paulette 😉

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