So Near and Yet So Far

Are you missing me?
I sure am missing you!!!

Do I have my computer back?

NO! (Loud sobbing, sniffling, and general wailing noises, here)

On Tuesday afternoon, the repair place said things were looking good. I figured I’d have it back Wednesday for sure. But when we hadn’t heard anything by Wednesday afternoon, Sir Beads checked in with them and they said that things had suddenly “gone south”. Now they’re not sure if it’s a virulent virus or if there’s a problem with the hard drive! They were in the process of backing up everything. (Gulp!)

“Lord love a duck” is the phrase that comes to mind. (Where did I ever hear that? I don’t remember anyone saying it . . . Was it on some TV show?)

Anyway, I’d like to request you cross not only your fingers but also your toes that I don’t lose everything on that old ‘puter. I can’t imagine starting from scratch and losing so much info and all the photos. (Yes, I know I should already have done my own complete backup but I hadn’t done one lately. Boo me!)

So, what are you Kids doing? 🙂

I’m on a friend’s computer at the moment. If I don’t get mine back soon, I will be borrowing one for next week.

Talk to you soon!




So Near and Yet So Far — 8 Comments

  1. Hello – yes I missed you! Every morning I kept checking to see if my old friend was online but no – (sad face). I’ve got all my appendeges crossed, saying all kinds of ancient chants.

  2. I have missed you and everyone else. I know how bad computers problems can be, I lost two at the same time, I guess a virus affected both of them. I was lucky that I email all my papers and homwork to myself so recovery was a breeze. I hope everything gets straightened out soon and you are up and running.

    I have been doing homework projects so I don’t get behind.

  3. Well, certainly we miss you!! But what the heck! You must be gettin a ton of stuff done without the computer!! We are going to expect a full accounting of what you have been doing…yes, complete with pictures.

    Can you spell B-A-C-K-U-P!!!

  4. Oh no! You poor thing Crystal I feel for you I really do, I lost a computer a few years ago to a virus and lost a TON of files and pictures thats before I knew about backing things up, I literly cried over those pictures and files for months, so I know how horrible it can be to lose things, but i’m keeping everything crossed that hopefully that won’t happen to you and that the computer people can fix it for you!! Just know your missed here by all your friends! *hugs*

  5. Hi Crystal!
    Have missed you this week!
    Sorry about your computer troubles. Why in the world do people create these nasty computer viruses? What do they gain by it? A few years ago we got hit by an XXX rated virus that would pop up and the only way to get the obscene images to stop was to unplug the computer & pop out the battery, I could not simply turn it off. I am just glad it was me who saw those horrible images (I am acually not a prude but what kept popping up on my computer went way beyond anything that I would ever want to see again), I am glad my daughter didn’t see it when she was playing Webkinz!
    Here’s to hoping you get your computer back soon!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

  6. Yes, Yes…I sooo miss you! Boo hoo hoo hoo! 🙁 You poor girl, I hope you don’t lose anything. I’ll keep my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms and I’ll even put my hair in braids and cross them too! Then maybe I’ll start on my cats! Blogland isn’t the same without you, dear friend. Sending more get well wishes to your computer…and deep “fix it” concentration vibes to the guy working on making her all better! … “Lord love a duck”!!! I laughed out loud when I read that one. Even in trying times, you have a great sense of humor!
    xoxo’s Paulette

  7. I had never heard before, “Lord love a duck”, so I had to do a search. Yep, it all makes sense now why you used it.

    Your computer sure isn’t lonely. Not with all those techy hands all over it.

    Too bad WE are lonely. We want our Crystal fix. 😀

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