Falling for Autumn

I must admit I’m just giddy about the fact that Autumn is almost here!

We’ve had some rather chilly nights lately, so our leaves are beginning to show the first hints of glorious color. Can I get a “Woo hoo!” on that??? 😉

And last night for dessert, we had pumpkin pie for the first time this season! Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie?

In fact, I’m so excited that fall is approaching, I even pushed aside my purple beads and decided to make something, well, fall-ish! Just a simple little choker necklace for a casual Autumn day . . .

I chose Swarovski amber-colored crystals and Czech glass beads with a coppery metallic finish. Perfect for a touch of sparkle at the neckline.




Falling for Autumn — 8 Comments

  1. I love Autumn! It’s like Spring, has that glorious feeling of potential; it’s an in between time, a big breathy pause between the more definitive seasons. Plus it means Halloween is coming!

    Though it does mean having my whole wardrobe out for three months.
    And bleah on the pumpkin pie!

    Perhaps it will inspire more autumnal creations…?

  2. I love that color. It is one of my favorites.

    Is that right angle weave? Very pretty!! (I am still making triangles.)

    Do you like sweet potato pies? My mom used to make them. So good!!

  3. Love your necklace.
    Love pumpkin pie too.
    Here comes the spoiler.
    OK, I’ll give you autumn, but not until the first frost.
    Don’t you have those stinking little fruit flies where you live?
    Frost is no more bugs
    and no more fleas who are a bug in their own class.
    But Halloween is Fall! and I LOVES Halloween!

    Have a great day!!

  4. Crystal…I am jumping out of my pants excited that fall is finally here! A big WOO HOO to that! Actually, add another big WOO HOO to that also!!!
    After this summer, I’m so grateful for the cooler weather. 🙂

    This is such a gorgeous necklace! Sparkle, sparkle…love, love, love!!! Love those amber and golden beads. That would be the first thing noticed with any outfit!

    …Gosh, I love pumpkin pie! I can just smell it. Isn’t fall just wonderful?!!!

    Happy Fall, Sweetie!!!


  5. I love autumn but hate what follows. So I usually dread autumn but in reality I’m dreading the cold days of winter.

    I love the amber necklace. Amber is such a warm color.

  6. What a pretty necklace! I also love pumpkin pie, I can’t wait to get some. I wonder if my husband would be up for baking one this weekend…. I did have my first pumpkin spice latte of the season yesterday, but it’s not quite the same 😉

  7. I love fall, it has been so miserably hot that I’m looking forward to riding in the cooler weather. I like pumpkin pie but caramel apples are my favorite fall treat. I have even found a caramel apple pie recipe.

    The necklace is absolutely adorable and definately reminds me of the fall colors.

    Kouga and I are looking forward to some more fall dog events and hubs and I have some rides planned too. Happy Fall everyone.

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