A Smile at Supper

Every couple of weeks or so, Sir Beads and I enjoy having a quick supper of take-out Chinese food. Usually, it’s on a night when we’ve had an especially busy day.

Growing up in a big city, I learned to love many different ethnic foods at an early age. I remember, when I was about six years old, that there was a Chinese man in our neighborhood supermarket who had his own booth on a raised platform in the middle of the store! (This was long before deli departments.) I used to be absolutely fascinated by the delicious aromas emanating from the twenty or so steaming pots that he tended. Some weeks, while doing her weekly food shopping, my mother would buy several different items from him. After shopping, lugging the groceries home, and then putting them away, it must have seemed like a nice break for her to have dinner already cooked that night.

The other day, we had take-out here! 🙂

Of course the fortune cookie is a big deal – no matter how old you get! 😉

I thought it would be fun if I opened it with YOU!

I think we got a very good one, don’t you agree? 😀




A Smile at Supper — 7 Comments

  1. Aw, I get bummed when I get “advice” fortunes. I want cryptic messages! If I made fortune cookies, they’d all be stuff like “Beware a rain of fish” and “Look for strange women on the roadside.” Something that promises adventure!

    Which is pretty funny, since I think “adventure” is going to a new thrift store, these days.

    Thanks for having us to dinner!

  2. (Hiding my list of stuff I want but don’t really need.)

    I love Chinese food. Hubby hates it. He said it’s bland. Silly hubby!! That’s what the soy, plum sauce and hot mustard are for. 😀

    I just opened the fortune cookie from the last time I went to my favorite Chinese place. Empress Gardens. It reads, “Explore your own world by working together with your friends.”

    That’s a pretty good description of my day-to-day routine. Crafting and chatting with friends.

  3. Yes, words to live by.

    I LOVE Chinese!! Terry hates it. I get it sometimes then get something else for him. Or sometimes, I stop at my fav Chinese resteraunt with a magazine and enjoy lunch solo. I don’t mind eating alone if the place is quiet.

    I love chinese fortunes, but mostly around here we get those lucky number fortunes that list a string of your lucky numbers. What a let down!!

  4. I love it. There’s no one I’d rather be with then one or more of my family. So I treasure them most of all.

  5. The best fortune cookie message I got was “You are going to get some new clothes” – Perfect excuse to go shopping! A few weeks ago my friend got a really creepy one along the lines of “Someone is watching you…” I wish I could remember the actual wording, it was bizarre!

  6. Oh Crystal, that really IS a good one! Does it have a Chinese word on the backside with how to pronounce it, and what it means? We’ve been getting those lately…We all love Chinese food in this house, especially General Tso’s Chicken. My favorites are egg rolls and fried rice. Frank always pokes fun that I can make a meal out of just rice…but I love it! Now I’m in the mood for it…see what you just did! I love your dishes!
    xoxo Paulette 🙂

  7. I like Chinese food but hubs hates it. There is a restaurant next to school so I go there between classes for lunch sometimes. None of the fortunes I got stand out, but I love yours. Sometimes when things get crazy I forget to treasure all of my blessings. I will have to work harder on that. Well, I better get back to the homework I have to watch the movie Master and Commander and write a paper about it, citing 3 visual effects and why the director chose to use them.

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