Someone Shook the Snow Globe!

Here in New England, for the last 3 days it has seemed as if we’ve been living inside of a giant snowglobe!

And I mean a snowglobe that someone was continually picking up and shaking! 🙂

It was so beautiful to watch the huge fluffy flakes swirl and dance and frost the trees. The best part was that most of it fell during the weekend – so we didn’t have to leave the house. It gave us a chance to catch up on our Christmas preparations and also to take a break from the whirlwind of rushing that the holidays so often bring.

Here was the view from our back door.


Even if you don’t have the snow excuse, remind yourself to take a little time to relax before the holidays, ok?



Someone Shook the Snow Globe! — 11 Comments

  1. The snow sure looks pretty in that picture, here it is a mess though I live in the midwest and we’ve been geting a TON of snow and everytime I shovel it snows a bunch again so I feel like i’m shoveling nonstop! Oh well thats the joy of winter 🙂

  2. Hi there. What a beautiful photo!! I am in Michigan and we have LOTS of snow, too. I watched the snow falling today from the inside. Just trying to stay warm. Happy holidays.

  3. we are getting snow storm after snow storm here…thank goodness we got a snowblower or i wouldn’t know what to do!

  4. Beautiful! Our kids were hoping for a white Christmas here in northern Virginia but it is in the 40’s. There’s always next year…

  5. Ahhhahaha! That is what I’m looking at out my window! I can’t believe how high the snow is piled on our railings and fenceposts. : ) And I live all the way on the other side of the continent – !

    It’s a never ending shovelling job, but it sure is making it feel Christmas-y!

    Happy Holidays!!

  6. I’m a New Englander myself, so I too was touched by last weekend’s snowfall. What I can’t get over is how quickly it’s all gone away! My brother and I were driving in to the nursing home to see my grandfather this afternoon and where yesterday there stood snowbanks now run dark, oily rivlets of filth. Ah, winter in the city.

  7. what a beautiful site. I live in Florida and it was 80 yesterday, and it rained off and on. I would love to see some snow. I did spend 8 years in Seattle and though we didn’t get alot of snow there, you could travel for around a half hour and see lots.

    thanks for sharing your snow with me.

    carolyn s

    ceashark at aol dot com

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