Giveaway – Amethyst & Silver Pendant

This week’s giveaway is a beautiful sterling silver pendant that features a marquis-shaped, amethyst stone in a lovely shade of light purple! The sterling silver setting has been slightly antiqued for a pretty vintage look.


This pendant measures almost 1 inch in length, and has a medium sized bail so it should fit on one of the chains that you own. You could also use it as the focal point on a beaded necklace that you string! Or maybe you have a black cord, or you’ll buy a piece of satin ribbon and wear it high on the neck for a very romantic look!

Contest Rules and How To Enter

1. Leave a comment on any post on my blog EXCEPT this one! That will give you one chance to win.

2. For a second chance to win, leave a second comment here describing your first doll or a favorite doll..

3. For a third chance to win, leave a comment here describing your favorite teacher.

You can choose any one or all of the above chances to enter.

A valid email address must be given at time of entry. You must be 18 yrs. old. The name of the winner will be added to this post after the completion of the contest and the winner will be notified by email. The prize will be mailed by USPS First Class Mail. If no valid email address is given at time of entry, or if winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen.
All entries must be received by 10:00 p.m. EST on 12/28/08, and the winner will be selected on or about 12/29/08.

Thanks for participating and Good Luck to all! 🙂

The contest is closed.

The winner is Crystal. Congratulations Crystal! Please check your email. I will be contacting you for your shipping address.


Giveaway – Amethyst & Silver Pendant — 39 Comments

  1. My favorite doll would have to be Toby. He was my first boy doll and was so cute with his little jumper and blonde curls. I do love pretty princess dolls but Toby was a random gift from my parents and I really appreciate how they tried to stray just a bit from the norm.

  2. My favorite teacher has always been Ms. P, my middle school English teacher. She educated me on proper grammar and composition but most of all she sincerely cared about her students. She leaned a bit on the tough love but I appreciated her for it. Teachers these days are just a tad too weak and I love how she was able to keep the class together and how she encouraged all students to appreciate good fiction.

  3. My first doll was a true rag doll that my mom made for me. I remember her having me help put the stuffing in and watching as its face appeared and she made clothes for it. I have made doll clothes for my daughter’s dolls and I love their confidence in my ability to make their dolls ANY outfit. HA!

  4. My favorite teacher….that is a hard one. One of my favorites was my AP English teacher. She died of cancer a few years ago, but for a long time we were pen pals and she would answer every letter I wrote her. She taught me a lot! She pushed us to read and write and ask the big questions. She was strict in her classroom, but nearly every student loved her. Outside of class, she encouraged us to call her “Auntie Sally”. She really loved her students.

    She lived next door to me and knew our family had little money. She hired my sister and me to come and help clean her house, fix bulletin boards and grade papers. She paid us by buying us items we would need when we left home: china, silverware, hot pads, sheets, dishtowels, etc. I still have some of those items that I use every day (20 years later!!!)

  5. Thanks for having such a beautiful giveaway. The pendant w/silver is really gorgeous. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I will win…

  6. My first doll that I remember was, of course, Mrs. Beasley. I still have her. Oh, is she a mess. Her hair was chopped off…she is (OF COURSE!!) missing her glasses…and she is just FILTHLY! But, I tell you, that doll was LOVED! I drug her around EVERYWHERE!!! Where I went, so did Mrs. B!! I am sort of surprised that she has managed to make it with me through several cross country moves!!

    Ah, Mrs B!!

  7. My favorite teacher? Geez, I have had so many good ones that it would be hard to just pick one. The one who probably influenced my life the most would have to be Professor Pam Patey at Riverside Community College. She gave me the strength, courage, and fortitude to really go ahead with my education. She encouraged me to apply for a scholarship (and I won it) and she just really was a wonderful mentor. I needed her at that point in my life.

  8. Well, I was never a doll kinda girl growing up. I had two favorite teachers though. One was my high school clay/pottery teacher and the other was my AP English teacher. I would love to chat with them and tell them what I’m doing now. They would be proud of me for following my dreams:)

    Lovely pendant!

  9. The only doll I remember having was a cabbage patch doll, her name was Anna and I loved her so much I remember taking her everywhere with me! And I think its neat that the cabbage patch dolls are still around!

  10. My favorite teacher was my music teacher that I had from 1st-6th grade, she got me to really love music and taught me to go for my dreams even though I was super shy she motivated and encouraged me to do solos, and competitions and I am so glad that she gave me the strength to do that!

  11. My favorite doll was my very first Barbie. I had the original first ever in the black and white striped bathing suit.

  12. My favorite teacher was in 5th grade Mrs. Princeler. She was such a dear patient teacher that loved what she did. I would love it when she dropped a pin on the floor and we better have heard it drop or she would give us extra work.

  13. My favorite teacher was in jr. high school and he taught creative writing. He would take our class on field trips all the time so we could write about where we went

  14. I have fond memories of a doll about 6 inches high with movable legs, a string coming out of her back and a weight on the end of the string. I don’t exactly remember how I got her to walk but I remember catching her before she fell off the edge of the table. I had hours of fun with her. I haven’t thought of her in many, many years. I am 64 years old. Thanks for asking. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  15. My favorite teacher, huh. Hmm, let me think. I liked most of my teachers but one stands out in my mind still after all these years. Her name was Miss Potter and she was my Sewing Teacher. The class was making a straight skirt. I cut my fabric and notched the seams the way my grandmother taught me. Which wasn’t the way Miss Potter had instructed. Upon her inquiry why I did so, I blurted, because my grandmother told me to. The teacher wasn’t happy with my answer and made me recut the fabric. I wasn’t happy either but never forgot the lesson. I had nothing but respect for Miss Potter after that.

  16. My favorite Doll was the Cabbage Patch Kid that my parents tried so hard to get one year. It was worth it though because i loved her for years!!!

  17. My favorite doll was a doll that I picked out at a garage sale when I was about 2 years old – it had TONS of wild, blonde hair – so I called her ‘Baby Hair,’ no name – just that. It still makes me laugh.

  18. My favorite teacher would have to be my 4th grade teacher, he was so much fun and I really learned so much from him. Now, he is the principal of the school I hear.

  19. My favorite “doll” was one I actually made and stuffed on my mom’s sewing machine. It was a dog with a red hat and sweater, and I called him Ronnie. Man, I’d still love to have him!

  20. My favorite teacher was my freshman biology teacher. I had the biggest crush on him. He was one of the few teachers who harassed the hell out of me in class, and in my subsequent years at high school, to make sure I got decent grades and graduated with honors. I still email him to this day.

  21. my very first doll was a doll my mom made by hand with yarn and some cotton stuffing. she made two of them in red and green. i wonder where they have gone now!

  22. my favorite teacher was my grade 2 teacher. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she still made time for her students and her two kids. I was very young then to understand how serious cancer is but now I think so highly of her. she never let her students down and i had a blast in grade 2!

  23. I didn’t have a favorite doll as a child, at least not that I can remember now! My daughter just got an American Girl doll from her grandma and we’ve been having fun with her. So I guess now my favorite is Mia, she is the AG doll with the ice skating story. We’ve dressed her up and had her “skate” and do ballet for practice. We’re in the process of reading her book.

  24. My favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Lehman. If we were sitting quietly at our desk and doing the assigned work, she’d walk quietly around the room and reward us with a few pieces of Cap’n Crunch cereal that she’d stick in our desk. I wasn’t allowed to have sugary cereal at home so this was a real treat!

  25. My favorite doll was a handmade doll my grandmother got for me. Her name was Lucy and I still love her to this day and I am 27. =)

  26. Favourite doll…actually dolls – I had a pair of floppy Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I loved when I was little. It’s funny because my kids look at me weird like “who on earth are Raggedy Ann and Andy, mom?” haha!

  27. And my favourite teacher….hmm, I liked a few from high school. But the coolest I would have to say was my grade 3 teacher. Mostly because she was much younger than the other teachers, and wore cool boots and things (lol!) but also because she did neat stuff with us, like letting us write, perform and video tape our own twisted fairy tale. We did a hilarious and wacky version of Hansel and Gretel, and I still remember it, all these years later!

  28. My favorite doll was Chatty Cathy. You could pull her string and she would talk. I used to put her in my bike basket and ride her around town.

  29. My favorite teacher was Mr. McDougal. He was one of my grade school teachers and helped with the plays and shows…not to mention he was a model…yes in deed, he was my favorite teacher.

  30. I cultivated a very rich imaginary world when I was young, where each brand or type of doll was essentially its own species with its own culture and traditions. The different “tribes” of dolls were constantly at odds with each other, vying for everything from my attention to the most desirable shelf-space in my toy closet. My favorite doll, of course, was never made to suffer the indignity of the closet. Her name was Miss Matilde; she was older in appearance with a wise and mischievous glint in her eye, and for this reason she was often required to play moderator during the various petty squirmishes that errupted between her less enlightened brethren. She guards my bookcase to this day.

  31. My favorite teacher was French, and that made her the exception to every rule. She wore scandalously short purple sheath-dresses with black, four-inch pumps that she’d grind into the floor whenever she was upset, which was often. She liked to scream at us, and in fact screamed so much that midway through my first semester her classroom was forceably relocated to an isolated storeroom in the basement. It was clear to us that she was unlike anyone we’d ever encountered before and we all reacted to her remarkable presence in different ways. Some became docile and subservient, others belligerent. Me, I grew fascinated, first by her recklessly volatile approach to French LitComp, and then, later, by the realization of what truly set her apart from all the other teachers I’d known: She was the only one to ever treat us as equals. As teachers go, she was impossible and irreverent and quite possibly insane, but the lessons I learned whilst in her tutelage have ultimately proved me invaluable.

  32. My favorite doll was a boy doll, not anatomically correct, but to me, he looked like a boy, it was vinyl, not even sure if he had a name, but I must of loved him, because I have lots of pictures of myself carrying him around. I also loved Barbie and I can remember dressing them up and playing with them. I even remember taking one of my straight legged ones and trading it in at the store for one of the ones with the new bending legs. I know, I’m dating myself, lol.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  33. My favorite teacher was my band director. Now, I started band in the summer before 4th grade. The junior/senior high school (right next to the elementary) band director would come over and walk us to the rec center and teach us for an hour and then bring us back. He was wonderful, kind, and all my brothers and sisters had had him for band, so I knew him well. He became a Dean when I was in high school but not before I had him for band through 10th grade. His name was Mr. Roberty. He inspired so many of us to do our best.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  34. My fav doll… ooh, tricky one…
    Urm… I used to adore this little bendy clown doll – he looked a bit like an albino, except for the lavender-coloured hair and deep coral (no, sadly it was not red) nose.

  35. Okay – favourite teacher…
    Surprisingly enough, I have a few.
    8th Grade Maths teacher – he gave killer assignments, but I learnt a helluva lot from him… to this day I still have an unbreachable fear of fractals.
    7th and 9th Grade SoSE teacher – awesome guy all-round. We had the same sorta taste in music… and he always let us watch random films in class… and eat… he was a rule-breaker.
    French teacher throughout high school – overly sweet, genuinely nice person, who managed to make french class bearable for most, and even enjoyable for some.
    To the other teachers out there – …please don’t hurt me?

  36. Tough questions! I wasn’t really a doll person, because my brother would play if we were using stuffed animals but he wasn’t interested in dolls. I think my favourite was a cloth doll that a friend of my parents brought me when he went on a trip to Guatemala. I didn’t play with it, but I displayed it on my shelf for years.

  37. My favorite doll is a porcelain doll, all dressed in pink, that a group of girls I worked with bought me.

  38. i think my first doll was a porcelain doll that came on a stand. i couldn’t really play with it but it had a button that when you pressed would play music and the doll would slowly spin in a circle. that was the old days!

  39. my university professor taught me a lot, not just about subject matter but about life and lessons to learn along the way. i still keep in touch with her after many many years.

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