Coloring Book Weather

It’s still raining . . .

I’m not complaining! We need it, and it’s really a nice rest from all the heat.

Whenever we have a series of rainy summer days, I’m always reminded of summers long ago . . .

When I was a kid and the weather was dreary, our choices for amusement were limited. We had no computers, or cell phones to text our friends. Of course, we had a TV (black and white!) and board games, but most often we’d opt for the coloring books and our big supply of crayons.

There was something soothing and almost zen-like about a dreamy afternoon of coloring, while listening to the soft sounds of rain and gentle summer breezes whooshing through the trees.

Yesterday, I decided to play for an hour. I had nothing special in mind. I just wanted to pull out some things I’d been gathering for future projects . . .

I had a new leaf-shaped paper punch that I hadn’t tried, and some quilling paper I found on sale (I used to quill YEARS ago and would like to do it again sometime.).

I also wanted to see how I liked the effect of crocheting a decorative edge on cardstock (love it!), and other than that I just perused some of the paper do-dads I might use to make cards or tags.

As I said, it was just “play” time. But you know what? I could hear the rain, and for a minute there, I was a little girl coloring . . . đŸ˜‰

What do you like to do when it rains?




Coloring Book Weather — 7 Comments

  1. Lately when it rains I seem to be riding on the Harley. Perfectly sunny warm evening and then we go out and it rains on the way home. It has happened twice in the last week. I’m just glad it has been a gentle light rain and not a thunderstorm.

    When I’m at home and it is not lightening, I’m usually online or working on school work or a charity function. Right now I’m registering dogs for the K-9 games. It is an all day affair for dogs, kids and families. It is our 15th year, and we have people who look forward to this each year.

    I will also be attending dog events for Howloween, Howl and Yowl, ice cream parties and end of the swimming season. Before the pools close for the season we get to take our dogs to swim and play.

  2. I didn’t stick with coloring books long– I had the big pads of sketch paper. And big thick books. And in the cold weather, baking projects!

    The important thing was never ever to be bored, because the admission of boredom meant the assignment of chores! Nooo! And besides, our thunderstorms are their own entertainment, you know?

  3. Good Morning!
    Wow! The rainy day sure gave you the inspiration to try new things!! Yay you!!

    I don’t know what I did when I was a kid when it rained.

    As long as we don’t get too many of them, I love rainy days. They give me the energy to clean house. If that is done, I usually like to read, or work on a lap project or watch a good movie. I like to watch the raindrops fall on the pond. Its so relaxing.

  4. I loved to color as a child. It was very restful.

    Now I love to watch Lifetime movies! I can play on the computer, do sodoku, organize papers, fold clothes, dust, vacuum – all while watching the shows.

  5. I LOVED colouring as a child, heck as an adult I still like it! haha. I love to listen to music when it rains, or read. If its on the weekend we sometimes make it a movie day and make popcorn or ice cream sundaes!

  6. I like to read on rainy days while sipping iced tea! I can
    remember swimming in the rain that acumalated in our neighborhood
    yards and then sending paper boats through the ditches…

  7. Crystal, you have such a way with your words. I could almost smell the ozone as I was coloring along with you just then!

    I loved to color too, and still do. I loved the feel of the coloring book’s pages and the smell of crayons.

    I LOVE the card with your crocheted edge! What a great idea, Crystal!
    It’s sooo fun to play!! ;D


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