Back to School

I’ve been seeing the big yellow buses doing their practice runs – which can only mean the first day of school is near.

Actually, in a recent comment Kelly mentioned that her fall semester would begin this week. Fingers crossed she gets some great professors with a talent for making their subjects interesting! 🙂

To tie in with the school theme, I have post about a time I got in trouble at school, when I was a kid.

I KNOW!!! Can you imagine that?!? LOL 😉

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Back to School — 6 Comments

  1. In 7th grade I was talking in class, showing off, because I wanted to get the attention of a boy. Well I got his attention all right, I was made to stand in the corner for the rest of the day. I was so embarassed!

  2. Neither one of those stories was fair! I can just imagine how hurt your daughter was when that lady said that…she must have been thinking that all those nice things the lady had heard about her, just flew out the window…that was cruel, and so was taking her straws away for the rest of the year!

    …and Crystal, so much for sticking up for yourself! See, the good kids always get caught because we (I’m including myself in this group!) haven’t perfected the art of being sneaky!

    xoxo’s Paulette

  3. Oh the injustice of school!! I remember getting in trouble in kindergarten for holding hands with my friend across the aisle in the classroom. I had to get up, go to the blackboard, and move the bear magnet with my name on it from the green traffic light to the yellow traffic light. I was so devastated! That event has scarred me for life!! Who knew holding hands could get you in so much trouble

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