Sweet Memories

Isn’t it funny how certain smells, and sounds, and music can immediately transport you back in time? I would also add “weather” to the list!

In winter, when I feel the first icy blast of air, and see my breath for the first time of the season, I’m always reminded of past days. And, in summer, in the midst of a refreshing afternoon breeze, when the lush green leaves are rustling lazily, I might suddenly find myself daydreaming of a little girl (me) riding her bike with friends to the country store for a Coca Cola, or a Popsicle, or some penny candy!

Yesterday, I was trying to think of the name of one of the brands of penny candy that we loved. I did a search and came across a wonderful website specializing in candy that was popular during the 1950s, 60s, 70s, or 80s!

You can search by decade, or you can search by pictures of the candy, itself. Talk about cool! 😀

Just for fun, I am going to list some of the candy that I used to buy as a kid. (In those days, we knew sugar wasn’t exactly a health food, but there was a little less pressure on us to avoid it.)

Here’s my list – not in any particular order, and by no means my absolute favorites – it would be too hard to narrow it down to only 10! 😉

1. Bull’s Eyes Caramel Creams (I still love these today.)

2. Candy Buttons (Candy stuck on paper – We unintentionally ate more paper than candy with these!)

3. Burnt Peanuts (Sounds bad, but pink sugar coating on peanuts = good!)

4. Red Licorice (regular or shoe strings!)

5. Gumdrops ( I loved the purple ones!)

6. Canada Mints

7. Wax Lips, Moustaches, and Teeth! (Fun for dress up, but I can’t believe we used to chew this wax until every hint of flavor was gone.)

8. Bubble Gum (We were all expert bubble blowers!)

9. Dots (The Gummi Bears of yesteryear!)

10. Fruit Stripegum (Their slogan: Yipes! Stripes!)


Did you have a favorite candy as a kid? 🙂




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  1. See, this is what I don’t get about those “past decade” candies- as far as I can tell, all these things were available from at least the 1950s on. I ate those, in the 80s. I see them in gas stations now. The only thing I’m pretty sure is gone is candy cigarettes, for obvious reasons (and also they were pretty rotten as candy).

    Regional stuff, now that’s different..I didn’t start seeing “Boston Beans” around until I was about 13 (those red-candy beans!) and I’m not sure everyone gets Googoo Clusters yet.

    Also, I still say we can eat as much candy as we want, if we first spend three hours walking door-to-door saying hello to the neighbors.:D

  2. Carapace reminded me of those cigarettes! I loved the flavor!!
    But when you said memories of candy from my youth, candy buttons was it!! The first thing that came to mind. Since we like to compare:

    1. Bull’s Eyes Caramel Creams: Terry loves these

    2. Candy Buttons One of my Favorites!!

    3. Burnt Peanuts Loved these

    4. Red Licorice Not a licorice lover

    5. Gumdrops Don’t like gumdrops

    6. Canada Mints I’ll have to go find out what these are

    7. Wax Lips, Moustaches, and Teeth! Yes, yes, yes. I LOVED to chew on wax!!

    8. Bubble Gum No Gum! I play with it, make noise smacking it between my teeth, even today I NEVER chew gum.

    9. Dots Nope, no chewy stuff

    10. Fruit Stripegum No Gum

    CHUNKY Candy Bars!!! I will NEVER pass a Chunky up. I rarely see them today, but I buy them when I do!

    Sorry for this… Yahoo drink. Used to go to the candy store to buy Yahoo!!

    Have a greaaaaaat Day!!
    xx, Carol

  3. I think my favorite type of candy when I was a kid can be summed up in three letters — GUM. ^_^ I think I liked all kinds of gum then, cherry and multicolored gum balls, Bazooka, Pintoora (a type of gum which stains your tongue and your mouth) and the best one was the Yakee! super sour gum. c:

  4. Thanks for the little walk down memory lane. As a child, there was a gas station within walking distance from my Grandma’s house. We could take 15 cents and come back with a brown paper bag full of candy.

    I remember the ones you are talking of and then some… cinnamon discs, chicklets gum, chocolate coins, sixlets and on and on…

  5. oh my goodness…..what a fabulous trip down memory lane!! i remember those dots on paper…..great concept, but never really worked (like you, i think my legs are part paper pulp from trying to eat all of those dots!). around my house, we were jolly rancher and pixie stix fiends. i remember buying really long sticks of sour apple jolly ranchers at the baseball field snack bar…..it would take me almost a week to finish it! and then we used to get those pixie stix that looked like big plastic straws (they were almost as tall as we were!)…..that sugar rush would last for about a month…..and then there sugar babies, sugar daddys, …….. no wonder all of my teeth have fillings….. xox, :))

  6. I loved Baby Ruths, and candy lips, cigarettes – I felt like a big kid with that candy cig hanging out of my mouth! I wanted the tough girl image! Ha – how funny when I look back.

  7. What a cute post Crystal! I give you so much credit for being able to come up with such interesting topics to write about all the time. You are such an inspiration!!!

    I’ve never heard of Burnt Peanuts, but they sound so yummy!

    I remember loving Bonomo Turkish Taffy in vanilla flavor. I just went to the site and watched a couple of commercials from way back then…how cool! We used to slap it down on the table to crack it just like in the commercial! What a great walk down memory lane! Thanks for the link Crystal. I’m saving that! Darn, I wish I had some now!


  8. I still love Burnt Peanuts!

    I remember saving my money and going shopping for candy–I was such a hoarder, it would last a long time. Laffy Taffy, Butterfingers, Baby Ruths, Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Pops–

    hey, I like candy!


  9. I liked
    1) Bottle Caps
    2) Pop Rocks especially on top of vanilla ice cream
    3) Chocolate licorice after it sat in the sun and got soft
    4) Jolly Ranchers that came in stick form not the little ones
    5) Slow Poke suckers
    6) My mom liked a candy called Boston Baked Beans but I wouldn’t eat them.
    7) Mary Janes
    8) Life Savors
    9) Hot Dog gum
    10) Jujubes
    I’m still a milk dud fan, my niece doesn’t like them so she gives me hers after she goes trick or treating each year.

  10. As I type this I am eating Good & Plenty!!! I am a licorice fiend; maybe it is because no one else would touch it when I was a kid. I also love Crows; like Dots but black licorice. Jolly Ranchers, candy cigarettes, wax bottles with flavored syrup. We used to walk to the 7/11 in our neighborhood & come back with a bag of candy (or a bag of wrappers, depending on how slow we walked home)
    My favorite has to be spice drops. (Gumdrops with flavors like clove, peppermint, spearmint, licorice, etc.) My grandmother always had a candy dish full of those at her house and eating those always takes me back. (She also always had butter mints; I never saw the attraction to those! YUCK!)
    Thanks for the link to the website—I saw there were birthday assortments by decade. I have several friends turning 40 this year (myself included!), I am sure the gift boxes will be a huge hit!

  11. Kids around here still love those candy buttons (which amazes me lol as I find it gross now a days!) Neat website, brought back lots of neat memories (wish there shipping was cheaper I’d order some!) I use to love the candy lipsticks and the candy necklaces where you’d bite off a little candy loop at a time! And black jack (licorice gum) omg I wish I could find that now a days!)

  12. I remember those candies!!!

    What fun to recall them.

    I can remember those lil’ waxed bottles of colored, sweetened water, too…I think 5 came in a pack?

  13. Wow – fruit stripe gum – that brings me back! My sister and I used to go through so much of that stuff! Another love was atomic fireballs! Mmmm… I could go for some right now actually!

  14. Bubble gum, smarties, and
    Hot cinnamon tooth picks were
    some of my favourites.

  15. I loved the candy cigarettes, slow poke suckers, bubble gum, and fruit stripe gum. Fun to think back on all of those things.

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