Sweet Memories

Isn’t it funny how certain smells, and sounds, and music can immediately transport you back in time? I would also add “weather” to the list!

In winter, when I feel the first icy blast of air, and see my breath for the first time of the season, I’m always reminded of past days. And, in summer, in the midst of a refreshing afternoon breeze, when the lush green leaves are rustling lazily, I might suddenly find myself daydreaming of a little girl (me) riding her bike with friends to the country store for a Coca Cola, or a Popsicle, or some penny candy!

Yesterday, I was trying to think of the name of one of the brands of penny candy that we loved. I did a search and came across a wonderful website specializing in candy that was popular during the 1950s, 60s, 70s, or 80s!

You can search by decade, or you can search by pictures of the candy, itself. Talk about cool! 😀

Just for fun, I am going to list some of the candy that I used to buy as a kid. (In those days, we knew sugar wasn’t exactly a health food, but there was a little less pressure on us to avoid it.)

Here’s my list – not in any particular order, and by no means my absolute favorites – it would be too hard to narrow it down to only 10! 😉

1. Bull’s Eyes Caramel Creams (I still love these today.)

2. Candy Buttons (Candy stuck on paper – We unintentionally ate more paper than candy with these!)

3. Burnt Peanuts (Sounds bad, but pink sugar coating on peanuts = good!)

4. Red Licorice (regular or shoe strings!)

5. Gumdrops ( I loved the purple ones!)

6. Canada Mints

7. Wax Lips, Moustaches, and Teeth! (Fun for dress up, but I can’t believe we used to chew this wax until every hint of flavor was gone.)

8. Bubble Gum (We were all expert bubble blowers!)

9. Dots (The Gummi Bears of yesteryear!)

10. Fruit Stripegum (Their slogan: Yipes! Stripes!)


Did you have a favorite candy as a kid? 🙂