Chance of Showers

Now, this looks pretty harmless . . . right?

Well, opening one of these babies is like a game of Russian roulette, I tell ya!

I like seltzer.

It has “fizz” for the kid in me, and no calories for the adult in me (who realizes that I don’t need sugared soft drinks, all the time).

But, I’m beginning to think that the teens, who stock the shelves at the supermarket, are having fun tossing, shaking, and otherwise roughing up a few of these bottles every so often – perhaps in an effort to make the shift go faster? 😉

I can just imagine them chuckling as they wonder which poor soul will be opening a mini version of Niagara Falls in the near future!

The other day, I absent-mindedly went to the kitchen for a drink. As I opened a new seltzer bottle – a tidal wave of spray and bubbles covered me, my slippers, a cabinet door, the floor, the counter, and the day’s mail! I was no longer absent-minded. Talk about a call to attention.

The thing is – I’ve had this experience many times over the past few years. The funniest part is that right after it happens, I spend the next week or two being extra careful to open all bottles over the sink.

Of course, none of those bottles ever spray at all, and eventually, I’m lulled back into a relaxed state about the whole thing. I stop thinking I need to be near the sink and I return to opening bottles willy-nilly! 😉

It isn’t very long though, before . . .

Yep! You guessed it.

There I am, once again, absent-mindedly going to the fridge for a drink and . . .





Chance of Showers — 5 Comments

  1. This is what really happens. Its an experience related to me by my daughter. Her first job was in a little superette near home. This happened to her when she first started and she, of course, helped carry on the tradition.

    The employees who have been there a while tell a new employee on the evening shift, when most more responible employees have gone home, that part of their responsibilities is to go along the shelves and shake the bottles to be sure the contents stay mixed well. They all fall for it! ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  2. What a funny post Crystal! I know…I HATE when that happens! With us it’s usually when we’re having dinner, and one of us opens a new bottle of soda over the table, and we all jump up, grab napkins, and start blotting before any of it falls to the carpet! Talk about a frenzy! Here’s to remembering how those supermarket kids are giggling while they’re stocking the shelves! xoxo Paulette

  3. Tap the top a couple of times before you open it. For some reason this really works. I always tap on the lid before I open one, and then there is no problem.

  4. The secret to opening these seltzer bottles is to open it just enough to hear it sizzle then close it up quick. Do this one or more times and the pressure is released before the liquid can squirt you in the eye.
    There is nothing like a glass of seltzer with a spritz of juice or a lemon wedge!

  5. I HATE HATE HATE when that happens!! No matter how well I clean it up, I aways seem to find sticky spots that I missed in days to come.

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