Don’t Mention It

Some days, life is just the same old, same old . . .

You know – nothing exciting going on. It’s been that way here for the last few days. I’m not complaining at all. I actually like it when things are relatively calm. The problem is that “calm” sometimes means it’s tough to come up with a new blog post . . .

I decided not to mention that I went to the dentist on Friday and I could almost see the dollar signs in his eyes as he said the word “crown”.

I decided not to mention that I popped into a local bead store to buy a tool I needed and couldn’t resist buying a couple of strands of pretty beads – even though I have my own bead shop with lots of gorgeous beads!

I decided not to mention that I wasn’t in the mood to make dinner on Sunday night – so I picked up one of those rotisserie chickens at the deli counter of our supermarket. I hesitated because the last couple of times I bought one, it wasn’t very good. But this time, it was extra delicious! Maybe they had complaints?

I decided not to mention that we recently saw the movie, “It’s Complicated”. Did we like it? Well… it’s complicated. 😉 (In other words, wait until it’s on TV, for free.)

I decided not to mention that unless somebody invents a 28-hour day very soon, I am never going to get caught up on what I want to do, should do, and have to do!

I decided I *must* mention that I have the nicest, smartest, most interesting blog readers – anywhere!

It’s true. 😀




Don’t Mention It — 10 Comments

  1. Oooh, my sympathies– it keeps me from posting too, waiting for Something Interesting to talk about, even though I know for sure that “It’s not what it’s about, but how it’s about it”.

    Hope your life stays sweetly boring for a little while!

  2. well, I have decided to post more. I started my blog as a place to post my bead work. But I am about so much more than that and have realized that it doesn’t matter if people skip a post because they don’t care what I have to say. So There! ~lol~

    You can post all the stuff you forgot to say. You have our rapt attention!
    xx, Carol

  3. The trouble is we have forgotten to enjoy and appreciate the little mundane things:)I hate the dentist,id love to shop for craft stuff but im not working and hubby is afraid of being laid off or salary reduced…after 18 years of service!So i live through other peoples experiences and joys,gotta love the internet for that.Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ha ha, I wish something could shut me up! I just blab about ANYTHING…lol…lack of anything sensible or interesting to talk about doesn’t seem to stop me…maybe I ought to think about that!

    Your latest giveaway pair of earrings is so FRESH — the blue roses beads are incredible…

  5. hee hee… goes on, right?!! and i’m wondering if we go to the same dentist….i have so much royalty in my mouth now that i’m afraid i might start speaking with a british accent….. xox, :))

  6. I started a 3 week microeconomics course. Class is 3 hrs a day and then homework. I’m going to try to stay on top of things but if I miss a day or two its because I’m in the middle of it all, and knee deep in the hoopla.

  7. Aw, Kelly,
    You are so sweet to let me know.

    Yay, you! for taking this intensive class. I’m sure you’ll be glad it’s behind you quickly – even if it is a tough 3 weeks.

    Crystal 🙂

  8. Hi Michelle,
    You are so right about appreciating the mundane. After all, we’re lucky when life can be mundane. It means there isn’t a crisis to handle.

    Thank *you* for the reminder!

    Crystal 🙂

  9. Hey Carapace 🙂

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    I loved your wish for me… “Hope your life stays sweetly boring for a little while!”


  10. Hi Sweetie! You betcha, that dentist had $$$ in his eyes! … I hope you can enjoy lots more calm days. I love the boring, nothing out of the ordinary, calm sort of days…they’re my very favorites! xoxo Paulette

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