Don’t Mention It

Some days, life is just the same old, same old . . .

You know – nothing exciting going on. It’s been that way here for the last few days. I’m not complaining at all. I actually like it when things are relatively calm. The problem is that “calm” sometimes means it’s tough to come up with a new blog post . . .

I decided not to mention that I went to the dentist on Friday and I could almost see the dollar signs in his eyes as he said the word “crown”.

I decided not to mention that I popped into a local bead store to buy a tool I needed and couldn’t resist buying a couple of strands of pretty beads – even though I have my own bead shop with lots of gorgeous beads!

I decided not to mention that I wasn’t in the mood to make dinner on Sunday night – so I picked up one of those rotisserie chickens at the deli counter of our supermarket. I hesitated because the last couple of times I bought one, it wasn’t very good. But this time, it was extra delicious! Maybe they had complaints?

I decided not to mention that we recently saw the movie, “It’s Complicated”. Did we like it? Well… it’s complicated. 😉 (In other words, wait until it’s on TV, for free.)

I decided not to mention that unless somebody invents a 28-hour day very soon, I am never going to get caught up on what I want to do, should do, and have to do!

I decided I *must* mention that I have the nicest, smartest, most interesting blog readers – anywhere!

It’s true. 😀