Doll Fever

Several of you reminded me that I didn’t answer this week’s question!

“What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?”

Well . . . I would have to say it was a doll. ๐Ÿ™‚

The “favorite” one would change every so often, but truly I loved them all – even the one that wasn’t a REAL Barbie (story here).

After my kids left the nest, I suddenly found myself buying dolls for myself. I guess I was trying to fill the nest again!

Soon, people began to give me dolls as gifts. I’d like to show you two of them. The first is from my dear sister-in-law. I love her (the sister!) and I love this doll that she chose for me.

The next one is a gift from my oldest daughter. She knows I’m a doll lover and she sent this cutie (in a regional costume) from Switzerland! The doll’s eyes close and she has such lovely little details on her outfit.

I think all dolls are wonderful, but the ones that touch my heart the most are those I’ve received as gifts.

Have you acquired a doll since you became an adult? ๐Ÿ™‚



Doll Fever — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, she is a Holly Hobbie type doll. She is handmade and was a gift. She fits in great with the country decor.
    I have received more stuffed animals than dolls. When my mom was alive she would buy all the Holiday stuffed animals when they were on sale after the Holiday was over.

    It takes me 2 hrs to decorate for Easter since I have so many rabbits, ducks, and other Easter creatures.

  2. My favorite was a stuffed dog that later was beheaded by my mean spirited borther during one of our battles – I destroyed his train tracks to get my revenge!

    I never really ‘played’ with dolls, I did like to look at them. I found them fascinating. I was given a ‘Terri Lee’ doll by my Mother when I was 5 or 6. I still have that doll today.

  3. She’s very nice! I must admit I wasn’t much for playing with dolls.

  4. Your dolls are both so charming. I love the first dolls outfit and matching shoes. The Swiss Miss is just precious!…I still love dolls. For years I made antique reproductions. I’d start out with a jug of porcelain slip and a mold of an antique doll. I have my own kiln also. I haven’t made one in years, but I still love them. I’ll show some on my blog one of these days!…(That’s an idea tucked away in my little floral zippy!)
    xoxo Paulette ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I love traditional Japanese dolls- the wooden kokeshi, the big elaborate fancy-dress dolls, the ceramic ones–my grandmother had so many, and of course teenyCara was never allowed to handle them- so now I’m making up for lost time!

  6. Yes several and now my daughter collection is growing rapidly! I still have my Cabbage Patch Doll from when I was a little girl and the other day Mum was cleaning out a cupboard and there were a few dolls in there from when I was a kid and she gave them to my daughter to play with and she hasn’t let go of it since! Truly! She just loves this old doll! Goes to bed with it and everything!

  7. My favorite doll was a vinyl doll named Rapunzel. Mom named her can you tell? Mom made her clothes too. She had a jacket with fur trim…my mom was an amazing sewer! Her vinyl started to break down and smell after so many years so she is trashed now…. ๐Ÿ™ poor Rapunzel!

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