If I could turn back time….

fairyI love the weekly questions. You always surprise me with the variety of ways you interpret them. For example, this week I asked: “If you could go back in time, to what time would you go”?

wallclockgreenWhen I wrote that, I never imagined you’d be staying longer than a few hours! I thought of it as a chance for you to either relive a happy moment in your own life, or to travel to another era to meet a person (or people) and experience their world – but only for a brief time.

Several of you were nervous that this was a one-way ticket in the time machine. Good heavens, Kids! I’d never send you on a trip from which you couldn’t return!!! There will be no Gilligan’s Island castaways allowed in this adventure. You all have to come back – I’d miss you if you didn’t! 🙂

Carol asked where I would go . . .

~ I’d like to return to the time when some of my family (who are now gone) were still here. I’d love the chance to spend a few more precious hours with them and to tell them I love them.

cradle~ I’d like to return to 3 of my very happiest days – my wedding day, and the births of each of my 2 girls.


~ Finally, I’d like to have a chat with Queen Elizabeth I (the daughter of Henry VIII). She was an amazing woman for her own or any other era. I’d just stay for tea and then swiftly return to my computer. 😉

So I’m wondering. Would you have given a different answer if you knew you only had to stay for a short time?




If I could turn back time…. — 8 Comments

  1. I dont think id change my answer,fascinating one about Elizabeth I though 🙂

  2. I have another back in time idea. I think I’d like to meet Queen Nefertiti or Madam Curie – I’d love to warn Madam Curie of the dangers of radium and her discoveries.

  3. I would spend some time with my mom and I would love to go back to my wedding day.

  4. Nope, you get the SAME answer. I might want to go back to the day AFTER my wedding day. Now THAT was fun!! ~lol~

  5. No, I believe my answer would stay the same.
    I enjoyed reading your answers…..

  6. Oh WELL then!

    London, England. 1851. The Great Exhibition. I could see all the glitter and optimism and wonder of the era in a day, then whooosh back before the industrial pollution and crushing social unfairness drove me to death or insanity. And the Crystal Palace!

    Get the feeling I may have thought about this occasionally before?;)

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