Paper Tiger

printerzsmI have a love/hate relationship with my printer…..

I love it because I can print so many wonderful articles, craft ideas, crochet patterns, recipes, and well, you get the idea.

I hate it because I can print so many wonderful articles, craft ideas, crochet patterns, recipes . . . 😉

Hey, I’m nothing if not a bundle of contradictions! Lol

I do try to be judicious in what I select to print, but c’mon! There’s just SO much great info out there in cyberspace!

filecabinetThe bottom line is that I have been fighting the paper tiger lately. My file cabinet has been begging for mercy! So last week, I decided to take a different approach . . .

I bought some 3-ring binders and a box of plastic sheet protectors and arranged things by subject.


I have more to do but I’m really pleased with the results, so far.


And somehow it seems a lot easier to just grab a binder and take it to my soft chair to peruse, instead of bending over, or kneeling near, the file cabinet to find something I want.


Note to self: Try not to fill up those binders too fast! Don’t want to be back where I started – in a sea of very “important” (ahem!) papers. 😉



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  1. HA!!! You are so funny. I been there, so I’ll tell you what is going to happen so you can look out for it. You’ll print, and sleeve and put it in a stack to file in the binders later. Wanna come over and see my stack errr, stackS. ~lol.

    xx, Carol

  2. I do the same thing. I’ll give you a tip on saving paper. Get cardstock and print on both sides. It takes longer because you have to reinsert each paper in the printer (atleast I do on my printer hehe), but you won’t fill your binders as quickly (bulk wise that is). My printer doesn’t print well two sided on regular paper, so we got the cardstock at walmart. I put some tunes on, sit on the floor with the laptop and printer and just go to town printing things.

    Another thing I do is, I write on the bottom of pages what pattern they belong to. It REALLY helped when my daughter needed a binder and took all my papers out of one and then my toddler son got into a fun game of Paper Tossing (this was when they weren’t in the page protectors). It would have taken me SO much longer to sort and piece them together if I didn’t have that info on the pages. If you wanted to do that but feel overwhelmed; just start with anything new that gets printed off gets done that way immediately and then everyday do 10 old sheets and before you know it!! you’ll be done!! OR you could do it while watching tv, another thing I often do. I just can’t sit still, I have to have some craft in my hand.

    Wow!! That was long. I’m so glad you got some binders. Did you get the ones with the sleeves on the very front? I get those and then I can make covers and put a little paper in the spine so I know what every binder is. hehe

    Blessings, Dee =)

  3. It’s hopeless, Crystal 🙂 I do this with recipes… I have a drawer full of binders! There’s no winning 🙂

    Maybe if you make the binders pretty on their spine you can at least display them as art? 😉

    Oooh… you could crochet binder covers! LOL!

  4. I have five big binders filled
    with knitting patterns.
    So, I made some room in my filing
    cabinet for my recently printed
    knitting patterns. I don’t print off
    patterns as much as I used to.
    But, I do like having that printed
    pattern in my hands to study and
    think about. What I try to do now
    is save them on the computer.

  5. Wow Cheryl!
    It’s a riot that your binders are now so full you are switching to the file cabinet… and my file cabinet is so full that I am switching to binders! 😉

  6. You ARE funny, Crystal! Binders are a great way to organize. I have some of my things in binders (with sheet protectors!), but I think I could use a file cabinet also! xoxo Paulette

  7. That’s great that you start to organize things in binders! I started doing that with my fashion papers. I would cut out the pictures and things I like from fashion magazines and I organized them all into an inspirational binder!

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