Early Dollars and Scents


Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, and picture yourself at the age when you first had a little spending money of your very own. Maybe it was babysitting money, or a paycheck from your first part-time job.

Ok . . . now which cologne would you have purchased for yourself at that time? Was there an “in” fragrance that all the girls liked?

When I was a teen, (during the time the dinosaurs roamed) the cologne we all wore was called “Ambush”!


Oh my goodness, how we LOVED it! Picture a bunch of giggly girls getting ready for the Saturday night dance and passing the bottle around so that each of us could have a spritz. So much for having your own signature fragrance! LOL

It’s funny how scents are wildly popular for a while and then they’re suddenly replaced with a new phenomenon. “Arpege” by Lanvin will always remind me of my grandmother. “Promise her anything, but give her Arpege.” was their slogan. My mother loved “Jean Nate”.

CharlieCologneWhen I was a young Mom – Revlon’s “Charlie” was THE cologne! I can still hear the song from their commercial, “… kind of young, kind of now – Charlie, kind of free, kind of wow – Charlie!”

HalstonLater, when I had my second daughter, my husband brought a gift to the hospital. He had stopped at a department store and they suggested the “hot” new fragrance, “Halston”. I sprayed a little on my inner elbows and loved it immediately. Later the nurses began to tell me that my baby’s head smelled wonderful – which at first puzzled all of us. We had a good laugh after we finally figured out the reason – as I was holding the baby, the fragrance from my arm must have been transferring to her!

Lately, I’ve been wearing “Inner Grace” by Philosophy. It’s really pretty, and light enough for everyday.

So, which cologne was your first love? 😉


Hats Off!

For the most part, I would never want to trade places with the ladies of yesteryear . . .


I mean, c’mon, washing clothes on a scrub board, chamber pots, outhouses, and having the entire family share a tub of bath water – all of that sounds pretty tough!

The fashion from years ago does intrigue me, though, particularly the custom of wearing hats. How fun it must have been to glam up an ordinary day with one of these creations!!!


Of course, women do wear hats now, but usually they’re more utilitarian – to keep warm in winter and to keep sun away in summer. You don’t often see a lady today with a hat that is a fashionable part of her ensemble. (Cowgirls are the exception! 😉 )

When I was a kid, we always got a new hat – a fancy little hat – for Easter. They didn’t cost a fortune because they were considered a necessary purchase. I can still remember some of them with their pretty fabric flowers and satin ribbon streamers. Sundays in the spring were often filled with a colorful array of lovely hats on girls of all ages, from toddlers to great-grandmas!

As we all know, styles come and go and then they come back again. I’m looking forward to the day when wearing stylish hats will be the norm once more! 🙂


Knitting a rainbow . . .

Do you love to shop?      I do 🙂
I’m sure that I must have inherited a shopping gene – or several!

Like most people, I love a bargain so when I saw some pretty yarn on sale a while back, I stocked up.

I chose a few different kinds, but all of them are the type of yarn that looks best in a simple item, like a shawl or a scarf, so that the color and texture of the yarn can take center stage.


I’d seen ribbon yarn previously, but hadn’t used it. When I found this gorgeous “rainbow” of pink, coral, yellow, lime, teal, indigo, purple, and magenta, I knew it was time to try it.

I decided to make a belt, but of course it would also be great as a drapey scarf.


The photo doesn’t capture the beauty of the colors. This is not your ordinary rainbow – it’s absolutely striking! I’ve discovered that ribbon yarn makes an especially wonderful fringe, too!

I love the fact that this can be worn almost year-round. The yarn is silky and light-weight enough for all but the hottest summer days.

Measurements for the scarf/belt are: 85” long (including the fringe), and 3” wide.

It’s made with: Lion “Incredible” Ribbon Yarn.

Perfect name – the colors are “incredible”!


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Fashion Forward . . .

Whether you’re the quintessential slave to fashion or just a gal who loves to shop, this fall’s colors will not disappoint! While the trend most years is for subdued shades, this year’s hues will be rich and vibrant!

World-renowned authority on color, Pantone Inc., has published the 2008 fall color palette. Isn’t it gorgeous? There’s a virtual rainbow of choices for clothing and accessories.

~ Fall  2008 ~  Color Forecast

                                                         Pantone Inc. 

Speaking of accessories . . .

Few of us can afford to replace our entire wardrobe every season to follow the current trends, but we can change our accessories! Choosing shoes, scarves, handbags, and jewelry in the season’s hottest colors is a great way to keep in style without breaking the bank.

If you enjoy designing jewelry, you have a true advantage! You can choose beads and components in the latest fall shades to create on-trend accessories not only for yourself, but also for the most discriminating of fashionistas on your customer list.

Looking at the chart, I think my favorite is the Royal Lilac . . . no – maybe the Caribbean Sea. Hmm, then again, that Aurora Red is pretty nice. 😉

Well, have fun! And if you’re looking for unique and colorful beads for your fall designs, stop by and see us at Bead Happily Ever After.