Hats Off!

For the most part, I would never want to trade places with the ladies of yesteryear . . .


I mean, c’mon, washing clothes on a scrub board, chamber pots, outhouses, and having the entire family share a tub of bath water – all of that sounds pretty tough!

The fashion from years ago does intrigue me, though, particularly the custom of wearing hats. How fun it must have been to glam up an ordinary day with one of these creations!!!


Of course, women do wear hats now, but usually they’re more utilitarian – to keep warm in winter and to keep sun away in summer. You don’t often see a lady today with a hat that is a fashionable part of her ensemble. (Cowgirls are the exception! 😉 )

When I was a kid, we always got a new hat – a fancy little hat – for Easter. They didn’t cost a fortune because they were considered a necessary purchase. I can still remember some of them with their pretty fabric flowers and satin ribbon streamers. Sundays in the spring were often filled with a colorful array of lovely hats on girls of all ages, from toddlers to great-grandmas!

As we all know, styles come and go and then they come back again. I’m looking forward to the day when wearing stylish hats will be the norm once more! 🙂



Hats Off! — 5 Comments

  1. Hats are so cool! Being raised Catholic, I am old enough to be of the generation that had to wear a hat or scarf when entering the church. I love hats, and wear them constantly. Ha! not the ones that keep you warm. Nope. Not unless I am walking in a blistering snowstorm. Here is quirky me again…I MUST buy coats with a hood so I can use them while I run into a store out of the rain or snow if needed.

    But I WEAR HATS! I have ten hat boxes with about 3 hats in each. I love to wear them and I still have the first hat I bought at Goldblatts in Mishawaka Indiana in 1970! Big brimmed, black felt with a huge plumb that curves back and attaches to the hatband.

    I know I used needles in another life. Perhaps I made hats.

  2. I remember those days when Easter meant new clothes, new shiny patent leather shoes AND a new Easter bonnet. Everybody in the neighborhood was decked out in new fashions.

    Still today, I have a few hats held over from my more youthful days. Can’t part with them. Won’t part with them!! Every once in awhile, I blow the dust off the hat boxes and hold the hats up to my face… while laughing. 😀

  3. These hats make me think of two of my aunts! They worked in department stores when they were young and had the most beautiful hats. I also
    liked the hat boxes. Cindi

  4. It’s a shame that we don’t wear such interesting hats nowadays. Back then it was considered almost indecent if you went out in public without one! Now only maybe 1 out of every 30 people wear hats. 🙁

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