Early Dollars and Scents


Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath, and picture yourself at the age when you first had a little spending money of your very own. Maybe it was babysitting money, or a paycheck from your first part-time job.

Ok . . . now which cologne would you have purchased for yourself at that time? Was there an “in” fragrance that all the girls liked?

When I was a teen, (during the time the dinosaurs roamed) the cologne we all wore was called “Ambush”!


Oh my goodness, how we LOVED it! Picture a bunch of giggly girls getting ready for the Saturday night dance and passing the bottle around so that each of us could have a spritz. So much for having your own signature fragrance! LOL

It’s funny how scents are wildly popular for a while and then they’re suddenly replaced with a new phenomenon. “Arpege” by Lanvin will always remind me of my grandmother. “Promise her anything, but give her Arpege.” was their slogan. My mother loved “Jean Nate”.

CharlieCologneWhen I was a young Mom – Revlon’s “Charlie” was THE cologne! I can still hear the song from their commercial, “… kind of young, kind of now – Charlie, kind of free, kind of wow – Charlie!”

HalstonLater, when I had my second daughter, my husband brought a gift to the hospital. He had stopped at a department store and they suggested the “hot” new fragrance, “Halston”. I sprayed a little on my inner elbows and loved it immediately. Later the nurses began to tell me that my baby’s head smelled wonderful – which at first puzzled all of us. We had a good laugh after we finally figured out the reason – as I was holding the baby, the fragrance from my arm must have been transferring to her!

Lately, I’ve been wearing “Inner Grace” by Philosophy. It’s really pretty, and light enough for everyday.

So, which cologne was your first love? 😉