All That Glitters

Hi Kids!

I’m enjoying the chance to read about your collections and your thoughts on collecting, in general.

If you’ve been visiting here for a while, I’ll bet you can guess the category of things that I collect. 😉

My love for beads and jewelry-making began years ago, at a neighborhood yard sale, with the purchase of a vintage pin!

I was immediately impressed with the artistry, not to mention the sparkle, of the little treasure that I bought that day – for just a few dollars.

At the time, collecting vintage jewelry was a fairly new hobby, so it was easy to gather some lovely pieces for very affordable prices!

Here’s part of my collection. Click on the photo once, and then again, for the best view.

These pins are all “costume jewelry” and most carry the name of the company or country where they were made. I keep them in a glass covered shadow box so that they can easily be seen. In the past, I displayed them on an old velvet dress form, which seemed like a good idea because they looked very beautiful on it. However, I quickly discovered that I’d have to spend an awfully big chunk of time dusting them – so I had to abandon that idea. 😉

It would be fun to see a photo of your collection – whatever it is! I’d love to share your pictures here on the blog! 😀