Ever Seen a UFO?

Welcome to week 2 of Make somethin’ Monday.

I have to start by thanking you for your sweet comments last week!” 😀

It was wonderful to read each and every one of them. Your enthusiasm has sent me merrily searching through my supplies and project ideas to plan the next few weeks of items to show you . . .

Ever Seen a UFO?

No, not that kind! 😉

Many of you know that “UFO” is an abbreviation used by crafters to refer to projects started with great gusto and good intentions but, somewhere along the way, relegated to the back burner. I must confess I have several UFOsUnFinished Objects.

So, in addition to the new things I’ll be making, I may sometimes pick up one of my UFOs to work on and feature on Make somethin’ Monday.

For example, a while back (Yikes, it was in 2010!), I began making this crocheted pillow. I talked about it in a blog post, and mentioned that it would eventually be round!

Fast forward to this week… I picked it up again and now I’m well on the way to finishing it.

With a just little more sewing, I can slip it over the pillow form, it will be complete.

I may add a decorative button to the center, or a maybe a flower (either fabric or crocheted).

Or should I just leave the center plain?



An Extra Hour…

fallclockSo remember on Saturday, when I was suggesting that we all try to do something fun with our extra “fall back” hour? Did you find a little time just for you? I hope so! I decided to make a potholder.


I know! That probably would have been your last guess for how I’d spend my extra hour. Well . . . it happened quite by accident. I was searching for something on the internet. You know how that goes. You begin to google a specific item and before you know it, you are lost in cyberspace – reading all kinds of interesting information! When you eventually come back to consciousness, you realize that you hardly remember what started the whole thing! 😉


Anyway, I bumped into a forum where there was a discussion about crocheting potholders, and how one particular potholder was so much fun and so very quick to make. According to the post, you crochet it in one piece that will fold in on itself as you go along and when complete, you’ll have a square with a double thickness. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

After I had finished several rows, I thought it was looking more like a little clutch purse than a potholder!


Ah, but then the “magic” began – it was starting to turn into a square. More rows would be needed before I could sew a seam to form the last two corners, though.


With a little more patience and several more rows, this potholder was now a square.


After finishing the seam, I added a loop for hanging and Voila! Although I love pretty, decorative potholders, I always hate to use them. This, however, is a “working” potholder. It’s nice and thick and should offer good protection for handling hot items.


I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton in “Faded Denim” and a size G crochet hook. You can find the pattern here. I think if you make one – you’ll make another. It’s a great project to work on while watching TV. 😀