Ever Seen a UFO?

Welcome to week 2 of Make somethin’ Monday.

I have to start by thanking you for your sweet comments last week!” 😀

It was wonderful to read each and every one of them. Your enthusiasm has sent me merrily searching through my supplies and project ideas to plan the next few weeks of items to show you . . .

Ever Seen a UFO?

No, not that kind! 😉

Many of you know that “UFO” is an abbreviation used by crafters to refer to projects started with great gusto and good intentions but, somewhere along the way, relegated to the back burner. I must confess I have several UFOsUnFinished Objects.

So, in addition to the new things I’ll be making, I may sometimes pick up one of my UFOs to work on and feature on Make somethin’ Monday.

For example, a while back (Yikes, it was in 2010!), I began making this crocheted pillow. I talked about it in a blog post, and mentioned that it would eventually be round!

Fast forward to this week… I picked it up again and now I’m well on the way to finishing it.

With a just little more sewing, I can slip it over the pillow form, it will be complete.

I may add a decorative button to the center, or a maybe a flower (either fabric or crocheted).

Or should I just leave the center plain?




Ever Seen a UFO? — 8 Comments

  1. It’s beautiful!! But definitely add a button or something in the center. Using the same colors or a shocking pop of a different color.

    What does it look like on the bottom side? Can you flip it when you want a change? One side with a button and one side without.

  2. Thanks, Donna! 🙂
    It is the same on both sides.
    I meant to add that one of the “stripes” looks blue on my screen, but it’s actually dark purple! I took lots of photos under several different camera settings but couldn’t get the darker purple to show correctly on the the last 2 photos. (Oddly enough, it is closer to the real shade in the first photo – which was taken earlier.)

  3. I like the button in the center idea. The pillow is so cute. I cannot wait to see what other items you will be finishing. I like the green and purple together.
    Because hubs and I had a day off work and school we went for a Harley ride together. It was a beautiful day to ride the rural roads.
    The public pools close this week and there are dog parties almost every night. I will be taking our dog Artie to some of the parties. Kouga hates water but Artie loves it. He is a golden retriever mix.

  4. Hi Kelly!
    So glad you had lovely weather for your ride!
    I bet you’ll ride often now that autumn is approaching.
    Artie is a lucky puppy! 🙂

  5. Hi Sweetie!

    You have such a wonderful eye for color. I love your combination of green and purples, and this pillow is just adorable! It’s the kind I just want to grab and hold in my lap, just like a stuffed animal! I really like the way the center looks just the way it is. That green gathered star burst design looks so pretty. Your ideas of a button or a flower for the center would be really pretty also. I’m sure whatever you choose will be perfect! I really love this! 😀

    Have a fun week!

  6. Hi Paulette 🙂
    Lol – There is something about this pillow that is huggable – or at least it makes you want to touch the raised “petal” sections of the starburst.

    Hope you are having fun with the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf you are working on!
    xoxo’s , back!

  7. Hello my dear sweet friend! Here I am, super late as usual….”sigh..”

    I LOVE your pillow!! I was going to agree and say a beautiful button or fabric flower would look so pretty in the middle, but I’m sure you’ve already completed it by now. I would love to see it finished.

    Hope you’re doing great! 🙂

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