Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

You know the rest . . .

(and it’s all small stuff!)

I had detailed plans for this weekend, which went out the window in a flash – well, two flashes.

Saturday, I wanted to get some good photos of things I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been anxious to show them to you but there was a last minute change of plan – the dishwasher, without warning, sprang a leak! Bottom line? Photography time turned into mop-up time, sponge-off the kitchen cabinet time, not to mention dry the basement wall underneath the kitchen cabinet time. Whew!

But, no problem, I could always take photos on Sunday afternoon!

Ummm, not so fast there, Crystal! Out of the blue on Sunday, my computer began to act weird. My photos were all mixed up. File names were swapped around without any clue as to why. I’d click on one photo and another would open. Huh?

Soooo, for the next couple of hours I was in the midst of trying to figure it out. In the end, the files were back to normal . . . but the sun was gone. No pictures on Sunday, either.

Honestly, Kids, I might have been tempted to let this “lost weekend” get to me – but then I came across the following picture and quote.


Notice the white arrow in the center of the photo –

it points to a tiny dot that we call “earth”.


If our world and everything in it is resting on a “mote of dust”,   then surely weekend nuisances are (and should be!) totally invisible.  😀