Summer’s Flying . . .

Greetings, Sweet Kids.
Here we are in the last week of July – already!

You’ve probably noticed that the Fall decorations are available in the stores now. How can that be?

There’s still swimming to be done. 😉


In the words of Goldilocks,

I hope your weekend was ….

just right!”

Here at our place, we had a nice blend of busy and calm. One night, we went into the city to see our daughter’s band play at a local pub. She’s the drummer for the group, but she also sings. We love to hear them play and we’re glad she’s not embarrassed to have “the parental units” in attendance. 😉

On Saturday, we visited my Mum & Dad. They’re still settling into their new place, and it’s really looking more and more like a home every time we see it. Sir Beads is a wiz at hanging drapery rods so he took care of that while we were there. They treated us to a delicious dinner to cap off the visit.

Sunday was a quiet day, which we actually enjoy. There’s nothing like a day with no plans to help you re-energise for another busy week! 🙂


Just a reminder that the GIVEAWAY for July (click here to see it) ends soon (7/30) and all comments for this month count as entries.

Today’s question is:

~ How many hours of sleep per night do you need to function?


~ Are you a morning person or a night owl?