Call for Pix

Hey there, Kids!

Your old pal lovable friend, Crystal, is looking for a teeny tiny favor . . . 😉

Oh no, what does she want THIS time?!?

To add a little fun, spice, oohs, ahhs, giggles, and smiles to the blog, I’d love to add a photo that YOU send me in a subject of YOUR choice!

There are so many ideas including:

Back yard
Favorite knick knack or collectible
Craft project you are in the middle of, or have finished.
Last night’s dinner
A book you’re reading
Favorite snack
Sentimental possession (Grandma’s brooch, etc.)
The “bargain” you just purchased, or anything you just bought!
None of the above – but something you choose to send!

A relatively clear photo is preferable, but I may be able to sharpen or brighten one that you are not sure about. Just email it to me at the following address:

crystal [at] beadhappilyeverafter [dot] com
I’d be thrilled if I got enough of them to be able to use one a week for a while.


Have a fabulous weekend. Maybe you’ll even snap a photo or two . . . just sayin’ 😉

See you Monday!