Sparkling Snowflakes Wreath

Isn’t it funny how one thing often leads to another when browsing the web?

I can be searching for something as mundane as “how to remove a juice stain” and before I know it I’m clicking on a dinner recipe, or reading some interesting article, or gleefully wading through a gallery of craft ideas!

Don’t ask me how I bumped into the little project I will feature in this post.

I can tell you one thing, for sure. I was not looking for it. 😉


If you’ve shopped the aisles of any of the craft super-stores, you know that the supplies for paper crafts are endless. They call out to me – especially when they’re on sale – and I’ve accumulated a nice little collection. I don’t use them very often, and that’s a shame because working with paper can be incredibly soothing. (Must be the kid in me that feels that way!)

Today, I have an ornament to show you. It caught my eye because it’s made with something I already have – a Martha Stewart snowflake stamp!

In fact I already had most of the supplies!

There was only one I had to buy . . .

I had never used Stickles before (Where have I been?), but are they ever fun! Who could resist glitter that rolls on easily and dries sparkly? I’m of the opinion that everything looks better with a hint of glitter. 😀

Isn’t this pretty? (This is the back side.) Nice for the Christmas tree and gorgeous for a package tie-on!

And here’s the front of the ornament. It has a very cool 3-d effect in person. I think this decoration is holiday-neutral enough to keep on display all winter long!!

If you, too, have an urge to play with paper, the directions can be found here.



Easy Gifts to Make

We may be in the midst of the “computer age”, but sometimes you just need a piece of paper handy for jotting down a quick note, or a list, or a message.

Recently, I made some decorative notepads and I thought you might like to see them!


They cost only pennies to make. The main ingredient is a 12-pack of small white notepads. Add colorful cardstock covers and then embellish them as elaborately or as simply as you choose! I had so much fun with these. What cute little gifts or stocking stuffers they’d be!


Clenna has requested some ideas for crafts to make with children to be used as gifts for their parents, grandparents, etc. This might be a good project to work on with the kids – as long as an adult supervises the use of scissors! A child could even showcase some of his/her own drawings for the cover art. Grandma would surely love that!

I can take no credit for the original idea here. I found it months ago, bought the supplies, and have just now had the chance to actually make some. In one of my previous posts, I blogged about the talented designer and included a link to her video tutorial, where she gives complete directions and measurements. You can find it here.

So now I can’t wait to make notepads for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s – well, you know what I mean!

I’d love to see any that you make, too! 😀