The Calm Before The Holiday Storm

candleflickeringautumnFor many, Thanksgiving weekend marks the beginning of a whirlwind of feverish preparations for the Christmas season.

There’s shopping, decorating, card-writing, wrapping, baking, cleaning, partying and just about any other “ing” you can think of.

The older I become, the more I am able to appreciate the words of my mother who has always said: “Thanksgiving is truly the best holiday; it has all of the joy and none of the stress involved with Christmas.”
(Wise lady, my Mum!)

This year, I’ve tried especially hard to sharpen my focus on every precious moment of the Thanksgiving season. So much to appreciate . . . so many blessings to count – family, friends, blog readers (you!) . . .

Not to mention daughters who bake pies! 😀

Chocolate Pie

Pumpkin Pie

As I write this post, it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I have not yet shopped or decorated or developed a case of the Christmas jitters. I’ve ignored the noisy TV commercials, the barrage of email sales announcements, and the towering pile of store flyers in my mailbox. It’s been a calm and reflective 4-day weekend.

Perhaps you will try it next year . . . you might just like it!

I’ll begin to think about Christmas – tomorrow! There will still be plenty of time to plan, plenty of stores that are open, and plenty of holiday sales to be had.



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